Sunday, December 09, 2007

Joy Covered in Joy

The title is in reference to the song "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". I heard Eldest singing it to himself the other day, singing, "...tidings of comfort and joy, covered in joy..." Made me smile.

Thankfully, everyone is on the mend here in the Trenches. Except for Momma, who is feeling the symptoms, but chanting over and over in her head, "I will NOT get sick. I will NOT get sick." Yeah, we'll see how that works.

It was a quiet family weekend, coming to a close as the Patriots game is blaring throughout the house and the grill is being fired up for burgers.

Here's what we did:

Joy covered in joy, indeed.


hqm said...

So sweet! We had a similar weekend...I hoping for a re-do next weekend!
Stay well!

Sarah said...

Aww... Looks like a lovely weekend, Sarah.

tulipmom said...

Beautiful last photo, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! We (I) are working on our third tree as I type. Yes-THIRD tree-one upstairs (the boys' tree), one on our outside balcony..yes..I will post pictures, and our inside tree which is a "toddler" tree-ie ribbon and some non-breakable wire balls. No Radkos this year! I missed you-one to read more..

Health Watch Center said...

Hi Sarah

What a lovely weekend you had... Christmas tree looking great, nice work ... :)

The Parents Zone

Ms. Skywalker said...

Definitely tidings of comfort and joy.

And love, that last photo, simply love.

Amy said...

Those are the weekends I love best! That last picture is great.

Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures - so cute. I won't even make mention of the Steelers-Pats game. I might still be a tiny bit bitter.

Ok, super duper bitter.

Patois42 said...

Beautiful. Love that last precious photo of you all covered in joy.


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