Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Night Venting

Not to jinx myself, but I don't think I could possibly have had a worse FIRST-WEEK- AT-NEW FULL-TIME-JOB.

As I mentioned before, Middle was horribly ill at the beginning of this week with croup and a scarily high fever (103.7). Hubby took him to the Dr. on Tuesday and he was prescribed a 3 day dosage of prednisolone. And was quickly on the mend.

Whelp, yesterday it was Baby's turn, with the exact same symptoms--a barking seal cough and a fever. He was in our bed with us last night from 4am on. Sounding really wheezy with skin hot to the touch. (Uh, needless to say, I slept the entire train ride into work this morning. Who needs a laptop when you're sleep-deprived?) Baby's dr. appointment was at 3:45 today. By the time Hubby took him, his fever was 104.1. (Keep in mind that I got this frightful news, while at work, at my new job, on just my 5th day. Can you say freak out?) Anyway, the pediatrician dosed him with Tylenol right away and now he's taking prenisolone for the next 3 days.

Oh yeah, and not to mention, this week the weather in Boston has been brutal. It hurts to be outside. We went from high 30's/low 40's all November to freeze your balls tits off ridiculous. I'm scurrying from the train to my office dressed like Nanook of the North. Very stylish indeed.

But wait! There's more. My train was late my very first two days of work. On Tuesday morning, we had no brake pressure (wtf?), so were at a standstill on the tracks for 30 minutes. Fun times.

I'm a "the glass is half empty" type of gal, so I keep waiting for the next drama to unfold. Stay tuned, because you know there will be more to come.

I have to add, though, that I am truly liking the new jobby-job. Once I become accustomed to the lingo, the documents and the system, I'm hopeful that my career will thrive. So that's at least the bright spot in all this.

Otherwise, I think I'd be curled in the fetal position, moaning, while rocking back and forth and sucking my thumb.


hqm said...

Hope next week is better! said...

That sounds about just right for a first week at work.

The universe has a perverse sense of humor, if you ask me, and should be sent to its room for a millennium. Or two.

Here's hoping it's all sunshine and 98.6 degrees body temps next week.

Candace said...

omg! I was anxious just reading that! How do you find time or energy to blog. Thanks for keeping us posted. Your entree back into the work force is VERY INSPIRING!

Elaine said...

Yikes, hang in there!

Angela said...

Glad you like your job. Public transportation can be a pain in the wazoo.
Hope everyone gets feeling better

Janet said...

At least that explains where Murphy is: at your house. He'll probably come back here, next week, for your second week of work. ;)

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh man, that's awful. I am glad to hear at least the work part of the work is going well. Hopefully all the rest of it will work itself out, well except the sick kids. That just happens from time to time. Unfortunate but true.

And can I just say right now I am feeling happy not to live in a geography that requires me to own snow boots.


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