Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Aftermath

There's few things quite so heartbreaking as hearing the pathetic little whimpers of your youngest child as he's burning up with a fever of over 103.

It's not really Christmas unless someone is sick, huh?

(Thankfully we made it through the Big Event all in good health.)

Baby started his decline yesterday afternoon. By the time I got home from work, my mom was cradling him in her arms in the rocking chair. NOT a good sign. He was in our bed last night from 2:00-3:00, just burning up. So today, Hubby will whisk him to the Dr. as a precaution (since we have a house full of company and the weekend is coming up). Now we're taking bets as to which unlucky family member will catch it next. Fun times.

Anyway, Christmas was celebrated with gusto in the Trenches. Some snippets:

--At church on Christmas Eve there was a puppet show. And we all know how much Baby enjoys" these types of things. Yep, he freaked out in church and kept insisting (loudly), "Puppets go sleep now", much to the amusement of the entire congregation.

--Eldest's favorite gifts were his authentic Arizona Diamondbacks baseball hat (shipped from great-grandma who winters in Mesa), his skateboard...and his new math workbooks.

--Middle has been enjoying his Thomas the Train flannel pj's (on his body now for 3 straight days and counting..) Hey, it's vacation!

--And Baby thoroughly enjoyed all the peanut butter cups, Skittles and bubble gum that were in his stocking. At 7am Christmas morning.

--By far, the best gift the boyz got was this. Aside from the fact that they're constantly bickering over whose turn it is It's teaching them how to play nice and take turns, and all 4 little boys (including my nephew) have been fighting over it using it nonstop!

--Hubby got the Red Sox jacket he'd been pining for. I think it's kinda cheesy, but hey, he's happy.

--I got Uggs. Hubby's opinion is that "they look like high top slippers". Ahh, so comfy. But why can't I seem to lift my feet in them? These boots were made for schluffing around in, that's for sure.

And I'll leave you with this: A sure sign that you may have gained a leeeetle too much over the holidays?

When even your underwear is tight.

Not that I would know. *ahem*


justme said...

ugh sorry to hear little one is sick. it seems to be the trend - sickness and xmas. first it was hubby, then me, some how for the moment the girls escaped it. but uuuuughh i want to feel better. the smart cycle. hubby wanted to get it for sass and i said NO b/c it was too big and no room in our house. but is it worth it ???

Barb Matijevich said...

My baby (well, okay she's seven now) was always the one with the highest fevers. And she couldn't take oral meds. I will never forget holding her helplessly while waiting to see if her fever would go to 105 and we'd have to take her to the ER. I could FEEL your son as I sat thinking about how it's been years since Jane was that sick and I still know exactly, down to the tiniest detail, what it's like to have a sick, sick, truly sick baby.

Hey, if YOU get sick next, your underwear will probably fit again! Not that I'm wishing that on you. But trying to look on the bright side if it happens. Because in our house, I was the one holding the sick baby so I was the one who always got sick next. May you escape my plight.

Fratzels said...

I feel your pain. I was up twice doing breathing treatments for my little guy who seems to be coming down with some kind of chest cold. Arghhh!

My underwear are tighter, but I blame the pregnancy! can I do that if they get tighter overnight?

Whirlwind said...

Ughh! Moe had croup right before Christmas and actually had to miss Christmas with my side of the family.

My girls saw that bike and wanted one!

As for pj's, I finally had to wrestle the kids out of their new pj's and get them into the wash! There is something about lazy days at home and new pajamas!

Chaotic Joy said...

Heh heh. I loved your snippets. But not your illnesses. We too are known for being ill over Christmas but have thus far avoided it. And I am working on my own post about how long we might stay in our CHristmas PJs.

Candace said...

sorry about the sick. sucks. my baby got croup on christmas and it's been sleepless nights ever since. Sounds like you all go to enjoy good gifts though!
as for the tightie whities, i've been trying to run it off but one too many treats this week.....

Deb said...

All the humans in our house have strep. I actually had the vet test one of the dogs today. (Did you know dogs get strep? Neither did I. The bastards don't even have the good manners to have symptoms, but they can pass it back-and-forth to your family.)

That bike game thing looks awesome. I may need one, because my underwear is a little tight these days, too.

Steph said...

Ugh...I could definitely do without the sickness. Both of my kids have a cold at the moment, and Ciara is 3 days out of a tonsillectomy (sp?).

I hear ya on the underwear. Ill-fitting underwear...definitely not my wish on anyone!

BOSSY said...

Tight underwear: you mean it's not The Dryer? Erm...

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Ugh, ur post reads exactly like my post from last night. I even called my post The Aftermath.

I hope everything is better for you guys in the house of sick.

Amanda said...

Ugh, the sickness. So sorry, but enjoy the Uggs, your feet will never know cold again!


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