Friday, November 09, 2007

A Little Sweet Revenge

So this afternoon, after I typed the post below, I had to round up the brats boyz yet again and we headed to the pediatrician's office for Eldest's 6 year checkup at 1:30.

He's a bruiser, lemme tell ya, weighing in at a whopping 42 pounds, 44 inches.

Anyway, I asked the kind doc about getting flu shots for the family. You see, we're a relatively healthy bunch. The boyz and I have NEVER had flu shots (Hubby gets one yearly at his work). But now with Eldest in kindergarten and Middle in preschool, I figure I'm pretty much doomed to the spreading of rampant germage (my new made-up word).

So, my kindly 5foot Chinese pediatrician (who was also Hubby's pedi when he was growing up) gave me a wink and whispered, "I'll just give them to all 3 today."


So this Momma could barely control her smirk as she lined up all 3 boyz on top of the slippery, crinkly white paper on the rectangular olive green doctor's table, sans shirts. (I even took a pic for posterity with my cell phone.)

Take that, ya suckas!

Here's to a much easier afternoon. And if not, wine-thirty is just around the corner!


MadMad said...

Ha ha! I was at the pediatrician's, too, this afternoon, and also confess to a bit of glee when they took those long Q-tippy things and gagged my son with it. Best part? He didn't even have strep. So ha to him, too! And I'd join you in the wine thirty, except I have to take 5 11-year-olds to the movies to see Fred Claus.... where ironically, I could actually probably use the wine even more...

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

You're evil. I love it.

Enjoy your wine. Have a glass (or five) for me.

Sarah said...


Retribution is suh-weet.

tulipmom said...

Nothin' like a shot in the arm to shut them all up, eh?

Hope tomorrow's a better day.

Chaotic Joy said...

Ha! It's vewy late, and I am laughing vewy, vewy hard at your vindictive post. I hope wine-thirty came quickly.

Kate said...

Isn't it amazing how guilt and revenge can so comfortably coexist in the mind of a mama?

erin said...

You won, come read my blog!

Angela said...

It is great to get it done all at once
Have a good weekend

Whirlwind said...

We've never gotten the flu shot either. I heard if they are young and it's their first shot, you have to go back for a booster in 2 months, is that true?


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