Sunday, November 04, 2007


Deep question(s) for you:

Why is it so easy to self-sabotage? Do we self-sabotage because it's easy to? Is there a difference?

These were the thoughts I had in my head this morning as I MADE myself go for a 5-mile run.

Confession: I've only gone running 2 or 3 times since this almost a month ago.

I've lost all my motivation. I have excuse after excuse: Too tired, too cold, too early, too much wine the night before.

Yet today, as I was out there, it felt soooooo good. But it's just so much EASIER to sit on my ass and eat my face off, yaknow?!

Last night, Hubby remarked (excitedly, I might add), "I think your boobs are getting bigger!"

Well, that right there was the final straw.

I'm pret-ty sure my boobs are done developing thankyouverymuch.

Bigger boobs=heavier bod.

No thanks.

Thus my early morning runs start up again tomorrow, because now that we've turned the clocks back (will today ever frickin end?!) it will be lighter in the mornings. NO EXCUSES!

Now I just need to figure out how to inconspicuously eliminate the boyz' Halloween loot without causing trauma...(without eating it all myself, which you know, of course, is exactly what I WANT to do.)


Blog Antagonist said...

SIGH. Me too. For SIX MONTHS I worked out every day, rain or shine. I was doing SO well!! Then, I just quit. I don't know why. I haven't worked out for a month. Although I am still in the same size clothing, my body is...softer. Jigglier. I don't like it.

Tomorrow is my do or die day. I have sworn I will start working out again without fail. NO EXCUSES for me either.

Patois42 said...

I was just commenting to the husband the other day that I was tired of getting heavier in the middle, but I liked the heftier breasts. He wisely remained non-committal. Really, how could he have replied to that?

Deb said...

LOL at Patois.

Make your hubby take the candy to work. That's what I do.

Janet said...

Why is it so easy to abandon the activities that are just for us? Well, besides the wine drinking, that is. ;-)

I applaud you because getting up to run in the darkened chill of fall is very, very hard.

Amanda said...

New job, new schedule, new month...go for it, you cand do it!

MaryJo said...

If I could figure out the sabotage thing I'd be rich. Well actually, I'd be healthier and more fit.

Happy running!

MadMad said...

Oh, I'll be out there, too. (Or so I say now.) It has been really, really hard to get up and motivated when it was dark. I'm hoping tomorrow's light will help.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

I say, keep just a few pieces of candy for them (so they WILL notice if any go missing) and toss the rest. Less temptation that way. Good luck!!

Cherann said...

Their is another equation:

heavier boobs = another pregnancy

Has that been ruled out?


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