Sunday, October 28, 2007

To Die For

PMSing? Having a bad day? Need to satisfy your sweet tooth?

This is it.

The name says it all (*snort*). Trust me.

This just became one of my Top 5 Desserts.

Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard as I sit here just thinking about the luscious taste of it.

(FYI--I held back and didn't demolish the entire pint in one sitting--it was hard though--I simply ate 1/2 3/4 of it.)

Now I wonder how many miles I need to run to burn this shit off? *sigh*


Elaine said...

um, now i am craving that big time. thanks a lot! oh have you tried B&J's Phish Food? Mmmmmmmmmm.

Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll said...

This is my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor. And Dublin Mudslide is pretty much tied as equally delicious. I might need some to watch the Red Sox tonight!

Kimba said...

That looks fab!

I would say if the Sox win tonight finishing off the pint is just fine!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the last time we could afford to splurge on expensive ice cream :( But now I want some!


I'll make do demolishing the supply of halloween sweets we have... I wonder if any will be left for wednesday...

Kricket said...

Holy crap! I think I'm in love!!!

Janet said...

Oooh, I haven't tried that one! I love Haagen Dazs (pretend I included the fancy accents) Caramel Cone Explosion. Same idea, I think.

Candace said...

is there sugar in that? I just gave up sugar. Probably not, right? I think I'll get some.

Anonymous said...

Forget lactose intolerance..karamel sutra here I come!


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