Saturday, October 06, 2007

Questions From a Friend

The eloquent and inspiring Amanda and I sat down for some coffee and warm chocolate chip cookies the other day, while her girls and my boyz frolicked in the autumn leaves.

Not really. Although that notion is one we hope to bring to fruition one of these days.

Here's our pseudo interview (in actuality, Amanda e-mailed me these questions and my responses follow--but the first paragraph seemed so much more personal and warm though, don't you think?):

Amanda: You tend to make us laugh, but I am going to focus on your ability to inspire. You've been writing a lot about running, which coincided with a number of bloggers writing about The Biggest Loser type weight loss. As a working mom of three with a great relationship with her husband and friends, you are proving that anyone can make time. How do you get out every day?

Sarah: I don't necessarily run every day. The only real time I have is at 5:30 a.m.--it's still dark out! The physical act of turning OFF the alarm (not pressing snooze) and rising out of the warm bed is the hardest challenge. Once I'm outside, the rest is easy. And seeing the sun rise really does set a nice tone for the rest of my day. I usually run at least 4 times a week for a minimum of 3 miles.

Amanda: What is your motivation?

Sarah: My motivation at first (back in the spring) was finding something that didn't cost money (I had just quit the $40/month gym). I ran track all through high school and played some soccer in college, so I've always been pretty athletic. Running just seemed like the most efficient and cheapest form of exercise. I first started by going out and making myself run for 30 minutes without stopping. Even if when I was just shuffling along like an old lady, I wouldn't let myself stop before a half hour was up, and I never walked. Ever. And I just improved from there. Seriously, anyone can do it. I promise.

Amanda: Has your increasing fitness level adjusted the foods that you crave or has it given you greater permission to indulge?

Sarah: I'm a terrible eater and I have horrible eating habits. I skip meals, I binge-eat and I have a knack for not making healthy choices. Now that I'm running consistently though, I'm more aware of what "fuel" I'm putting into my body. It makes for a much easier run if I've drank a ton of water and eaten a protein bar beforehand rather than a diet soda and a PopTart!

Another benefit to running is that while I don't necessarily feel THINNER, I do feel much STRONGER. I'm not as concerned about my size because I know I'm FIT. And I'm totally not one who cares about sizes (although a constant size 6 would be very sweet). My friends can vouch that I tend to wear my clothes on the big and baggy side. They make fun of me all the time for this. That is, if a size 6 fits, I buy an 8. If an 8 fits, I buy the 10. I hate feeling constricted.

Amanda: How have your boys reacted?

Sarah: The boyz are pretty oblivious. They can tell when I'm going for a "wun" by my attire. Eldest likes to ride his bike alongside me sometimes, but he can't maneuver hills or the main roads, obviously. And I have attempted runs with Baby and Middle in the double-jog stroller, but I much prefer the solace of running away alone. Hubby has been supportive and in rare moments of seriousness, has reassured me of his faith in me and proudness of me.

Amanda: Do you think a year from now we'll be reading about you doing triathlons? Or are you puking in your mouth a little at the thought of that?

Sarah: Nah, I'm just going to stick to running. Not biking or swimming. Actually, my life goal is to run a full 26.2 mile marathon. I'll be halfway there after I run the 13.1 mile half-marathon this Sunday!


Deb said...

Good luck!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Anonymous said...

You've made me consider getting back into training with this post! Running really makes for a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I just wish my knees were on board.

Well, by the time you read this, you'll probably be finished with your first 1/2 marathon!! So congrats! I hope you are proud of yourself - you should be!!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Sarah said...

I'm just so impressed by your motivation and dedication to running.

It's also good for your children to see their parent doing something a. for herself; b. healthy; and c. challenging.

It's good all around!

Judy said...

Oooh, that's right! The run is tomorrow! Eat some spaghetti tonight and good luck!

Shelley said...

Good luck with your half marathon!

painted maypole said...

your running IS inspiring

justme said...

today is the day, i can not wait to hear how it goes !! good luck.

Amanda said...

I have loved reading about this side of you. I think health and fitness are so crucial to our overall well being. You do a beautiful job of balancing a love of fun, challenges, family and wine ;)


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