Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I know I have bitched before about Eldest starting kindergarten this year--the first year that the kindergarten program in our town got cut from a full day to a half day. His school hours have been 8:15-10:45. No recess, no down time, just rush rush rush trying to squeeze in precious moments of education in the less than 2 hours that the teachers have...with their classrooms of 30+ children.

It has not been good.

Eldest is bored. He's bored at school. He's bored at home in the afternoons when there is no one else in the neighborhood to play with while his 2 brothers are napping.

I try. We play on the computer (a mother can only take so much of Hotwheels.com, though I do enjoy decorating rooms on Webkinz). We play games--Scrabble Junior, Sorry, Zingo, Uno. He watches the Sandlot, or Over the Hedge, or Open Season ad nauseum while I nap do stuff around the house.

But guess what???

The headline in the local section of our newspaper this morning blared this: "SCHOOL PROGRAM GIVEN NEW LIFE. COMMITTEE OKS FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN."

Do you hear the choirs of angels singing?

It will be up and running after the December winter vacation, if not sooner.



Colleen @AMadisonMom said...

That's so great. There must have been a lot of complaining about the program being shortened in order for them to change it mid year.

Sarah said...

In our district, Ben's class was the first ever to attend full-day kindergarten.


And it will be awesome for you, I know.

Alex Elliot said...

No recess? That seems a little harsh for kindergarten. I'm glad that they're going back to full day!

Carla said...


Chaotic Joy said...

Oh Yay! That is wonderful. It's so rare that we get our wishes answered like this.

Elizabeth said...

Awww, yeah!!!! I never understood the half day kindergarten at all. And really, 2 hours? Does that even constitute a half day?

Jennifer said...

That is great news!

painted maypole said...

YAY! I was wary at first, but we all love the full day kindergarten here.

Kate said...

I so, so wished for full-day kindergarten when Miss Emily was that age. And my wish was granted... the year after she finished.

Shelley said...

Yes! We found out in the middle of last year that the charter school is no longer allowed to charge for all-day kindergarten. (Thank you, Governor Janet, I love you!) Which is wonderful, because the baboon starts K next year. *dances*

Greens and Pinks said...

I am so 100% in support of full day K. Half day allows basically no time to get anything substantial done.


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