Friday, October 19, 2007

Damn! Adult Supervision Required?

Written on a 3 pack of Safety-1st Clear Grip Door Knob Covers:

"CAUTION: This product is only a deterrent. It is not a substitute for proper adult supervision."

Damn! And I was just gonna cover all the doorknobs in the Trenches with these, secure in the knowledge that my pantry won't be raided and my bedroom won't be trashed, and then leave the 3 boyz to fend for themselves while I go out and shop...

You mean I actually have to stay home and supervise them?

(Hmm...wonder what Safety 1st considers "proper"? Because I'm thinking that allowing them to do this probably isn't.)

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Mom of 5 said...

Along those lines.... why is it that most kids I know can undo the toilet locks and flush Elmo, keys, wads of wipes, and siblings, but the parents can't get them off before almost peeing themselves?????

Really, who is it that these products really deter? (Hint, It's not the kids!!!!!! )

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that there is actually even a need for them to put that disclaimer on the package!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Patois42 said...

I guess there's no way for a quickie if they can bust into the bedroom at will.

Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll said...

We have these same things on the doors in my house...because the first weekend we lived in our new house, hubby and I were uppacking some boxes and looked around and realized we didn't know where my daughter was. She had let herself outside into the backyard without saying anything to us! That probably does not qualify as appropriate adult supervision, but the doorknob things have helped!

Angela said...

I need to get a few of those.
Don't you just love warning lables. Some are quite funny

Anonymous said...

are you serious? how stupid do they think parents are? some of the things that they put on packaging is just ridiculous!

hey, Saftey 1st is the company that made the stroller that cut that grandmother's finger off when she was trying to open or close it. they offered an apology and a refund on the stroller. uh, i think i'd be a little more than a refund!!!

Deb said...

What's up with the "Never leave children unattended" tag on everything, too? It was on my co-sleeper, for cryin' out loud! If you can't leave the kid unattended to sleep when they're 5 minutes old, when the heck can you leave them? SHEESH!

Why do kids always take the cushions off couches?

iheartchocolate said...

That is so, so funny. I love that picture of your kids. You are way cool to let them be kids and have fun!


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