Friday, September 21, 2007

Too Good To Be True

I was cocky.

I was smug.

Middle? Adjusting great to preschool!

I would walk briskly out of his classroom, hand-in-hand with Baby, my purposeful strides a bit bouncy and lighthearted as my heart soared that mine wasn't one of those kids--the ones left clinging and crying--obviously NOT transitioning so well.

(You already know where this is going, right?)


On Tuesday? Middle FREAKED OUT when Hubby attempted the drop-off. He called me at work to inform me that it had taken him 15 minutes to get out the door and that his work shirt was dripping with snot.

So this morning, it was my turn for Middle's drop-off. I was cautiously optimistic--it could have been a one-time thing, right?

Uh, not so much.

Again, the FREAK OUT.

Clinging to my legs, head buried, not letting me go. Meanwhile, Baby was off digging in the sand table and playing trucks.

To top it off, the assistant teacher, who looks about 100 to be quite elderly, was handing out a notice to all the parents that Middle's main teacher had emergency gall bladder surgery yesterday and is now on extended leave. So much for consistency. Get well soon Mrs. P.!

So in order to get (the hell) outta there this morning, I literally had to peel Middle off my leg, sweep up Baby in my arms (who by that time was applying a glue stick to his lips as if it were chapstick), and make a run for it.

The sounds of Middle's shrieks echoing in my ears.

At those children I scoffed at for crying the first few weeks?

Totally content and happy to be there.

Man, karma is a bee-yotch.


Elizabeth said...

Yeah, karma is a total wanton whore of a bitch who would stab you in the back while eyeing your hubs and pulling money out of your bank account.

I hate that skank. She and I go way back.

MadMad said...

But it does make such good blog fodder... This was too funny! (Though I'm so sorry! I shouldn't laugh.) Poor little guy. But the teachers always say the criers are fine in a few minutes... so he probably was alright, right? And you were left to suffer all day, worried. Welcome to the Trenches, bay-buh!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Aw, poor Middle.

What's that old saying? "Pride goeth before the tantrum"? ;)

Alex Elliot said...

Poor you! Did the teacher say that it stopped after you left? They certainly learn how to pull guilt trips at a very young age.

Blog Antagonist said...

My oldest completely freaked out when it was time for Kindergarten. I don't know why. He had to be dragged in kicking and screaming. This after I had bragged about how well he did the previous year with his preschool.

Yeah. It's some kind of parenting rule. If you mouth off about something, it comes back to bite you in the ass.

Sorry about Middle. I hope next week is better. Poor kid!

painted maypole said...

ack. hope the trauma leaves as suddenly as it arrived!

like the new pic of you in the sidebar! :)

Cherann said...

Gall Bladder surgery recovery generally doesn't take that long. I'm surprised she's on extended leave.

All the kids get like that. I think school also causes the sleeping problems.

Carla said...

Oh, I so know that feeling!! The freaking out while all the other parents are smiling and waving to their happy children. It will get better.

Michelle said...

Poor bud. My friend Kari is having the same problem with her 3-year-old starting preschool (only she keeps peeing her pants everyday while at school - yikes!).

I really dread that day with Megan. She'll probably be content, and I'll be the one crying.

Crystal D said...

Oh Nooooooo. Bad Karma Bad. Karma needs to leave poor Middle alone.
Next week is a new week. Maybe he'll forget over the weekend. :)

Sarah said...

Awww, poor Middle, poor you two.

This too shall pass.

hqm said...

Oh boy! I love that Baby was glue sticking his lips! That is a classic!!!!

Heather said...

Yes, be careful what you smirk at. Lest you experience that in which you smirked.

Maybe I'll start smirking the GREAT things kids do and it'll start happening to me.

Anonymous said...

oh no...poor little guy....poor you!

Anonymous said...

I am there with you sister! My eldest, the most social little boy in the world just started kindergarten. The first few weeks he wasn't thrilled, but would go without much fuss. Apparently he was internalizing it all, because this week (week three) he is losing his marbles all over the place. He won't get dressed, won't pee, won't get in the car, won't get out of the car, won't go in the door. Ugh. I have to take my youngest and dash to the car before I end up in tears feeling like the worst mom in the world. Of course, the crying kids are no longer crying... but mine needs a full-body restraining harness and wheelbarrow to get through the door.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Karma hides and waits for me to say something positive about how my kids are sleeping. Something like, "Yeah! The girls have been going right to sleep at 8:30 and I don't see them again til morning!" Then===whammo!===Karma goes and wakes them up every few minutes for the next few nights.

Is Middle ok after you leave? I've heard that most kids cheer up once their audience (I mean, mommy) has gone.

Hope things get easier soon!

Anonymous said...

Nearly ever morning that my girls go to their Mom's Morning Out program, I have to have my 3yo's teacher PEEL her off of me. She protests every morning they go (3 days/week) all morning about not wanting to go to "school." But, when I go to pick her up 4 hours later, she's had the BEST day, was a good girl, and doesn't want to leave. I think she just wants to lay a guilt trip on me. Ooooo, she's goooood.

Chaotic Joy said...

Ha! Oh this gets me too. Just when I start to get the slightest bit smug that I must have done something right as a parent, my children decide to reveal to me what a crazy thought that was.

My advice to you on middle. Drop and run. Do car-rider if it's available. The faster you rip that bandaid off, the easier it will be for both of you.

Hope it improves soon.

Patois42 said...

Poor, poor guy. Poor mommy, too.

Kelly said...

Fucking karma. It came to get me when I smugly congratulated myself for not raising a toddler prone to tantrums (you know, after encountering a family floundering with their own loudly shrieking child in Babies-r-Us). Smug and patting myself on the back.

Well, the next day came a giant, everyone-is-looking-at-us tantrum in the middle of the mall. Not fun. Not fun at all.


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