Thursday, September 06, 2007

Please Don't Get Ryka Rage

So, yeah, the sneakers. After I posted this contest, I was laying in bed, and it hit me like a brick in the face...

Sarah, laying (lying? Nah, can't be that. I'm telling ya the truth!) in bed: Shit! Whoops! (My in-real-life friend) Michelle wears the same size as me. Ack. Ok, if Michelle sees what I posted and leaves me a comment, then I HAVE to send them to her! After all, we ALWAYS bought the exact same shoes whenever we shopped together. It would be neat to have the same kicks now, even though she's all the way in Colorado..."

And guess what? Michelle did comment. And practically MADE me send them to her. Something about me OWING her, yada yada yada.

(Kidding Friend!)

(Aren't we cute? "Friend" is our pet name for each other.)

Anyway, if you're pissed that you didn't get the sneaks, tell Michelle yourself at her blog Medication Time! She's a brand spankin' new blogger and she needs some welcoming. And you can call her a bee-yotch for pulling the "friend card."

[BUT, you still can get yourself some new Rykas! How, you ask? Well, Ryka is giving away 50 pairs of shoes and 50 performance tees everyday from September 5 to October 25. So click here and register to win! And don't say I never did anything for ya...besides not giving you the sneakers, that is...]

Seriously though, I'm psyched that Michelle has joined me in the blogosphere. Because she and I? Have been through LOTS together:

Like 1 ex-fiance, 1 ex-husband and 2 husbands (2 for her, 2 for me).

Like living in 5 different states: NC, SC, FL, MA and CO.

Like on-and-off roommates (breakups, divorce, breakups).

Like 4 children (3 for me, 1 for her).

Like too-many-to-count jobs. She was my very first boss at my very first "real" job after I moved to NC.

Like bridesmaids in each other's weddings.

Like through LOTS of laughter and tears. Lots.

So bless yer heart Friend (she always says that, as a true Southern gal does). Welcome to the blogosphere!

And run, Forrest Michelle, run!


Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhhh KKKKKK....
Because your post was so like something I would ave written for some of my girlfriends, I will let you go on this one! LOL!
I'm off to check out Michelle's blog and promise not to mention the Rykas!!
ps - love the post below about your butt and your husband! What is it about men?

Jen said...

I'll visit her blog! Friends are great!

Michelle said...

Thanks, friend! One question...couldn't you have found a better pic of me during my "skinny days"? ha ha

Cate said...

I will go visit her blog, and give her a nice warm welcome!


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