Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Perfect Post Award-August

This month, I am bestowing a Perfect Post Award to Joy, Of Course for her blog entry titled "Am I My Blog?" on her blog called Joy in Chaos.

She writes:

"I am able to edit, to chose what to disclose...I may be falsely advertising myself. If you were to get to know me, to come and live in my home, or even just to become a close friend of mine, I think you would find that I am in many ways less, and more than what is written here."


"If you saw the whole of me, you may find that we are actually quite different. But in just seeing this one thread (her portrayal of herself on her blog), pulled out of the context of the whole, it is sometimes easier to find a commonality with the threads in your own life. And I think that's a beautiful thing in a way, the sorting of our lives into pieces that others can find kinship with."

After absorbing Joy's eloquence, her words stuck with me. Am I my blog? What sort of image of myself am I portraying to the blogosphere? Is it accurate? And ultimately (because don't we all think of a variation of this?), what would my in-laws think if they discovered my blog?

Am I my blog? Are you your blog?

Thought-provoking, indeed.


For a complete list of all the August Perfect Post winners, head over to lovely Lindsay's blog, Suburban Turmoil, and blogsurf to your heart's content. You certainly won't be disappointed!


Sarah said...

Excellent choice!

painted maypole said...

hmmm... how would my in laws feel if they discovered my blog. I don't think they'd mind, certainly, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable sharing it. It is a part of me I'm not sure I share with many people I know in real life, actually.

Sarah said...

My husband showed my blog to my in- laws (who are in their late 70's early 80's) and stuck it in their favorites...my mother-in-law shows it to all her "little old lady" friends from church...I feel like I can't write half of what I think...

Michelle said...

I can't even share it with my husband (let alone in-laws), as he seems to think my blog is like "My Space" and some pervert is going to come out of nowhere and knock on our door and whisk me away. If only I could be so lucky. (kidding)

Chaotic Joy said...

Awwww. Thanks Sarah. (and Sarah) for your kind words. I am a fan of your blog so a nomination from you means a lot. I was so excited when I got your email last night, I kept trying to guess what post you chose. How interesting that it was this one. The more time that goes by, the less I think my blog accurately portrays me. What I share feels too calculated. The rough edges get smoothed over. My in-laws read my blog regularly, and I think they probably think the same thing.

Thanks again. I'll put the bling up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I totally feel like the real me is coming through in my blog, and other times I'm like, "And you are!?"

I know my in-laws can't readily log on to my blog because they don't even own a computer (and they have passed on their computer illiteracy to their son).

But I still feel like, What if my sister-in-law read something "bad" and printed it out to show them? So I tend to totally avoid talking about the in-laws.

Thankfully, they're not really all that much a part of me!

Jane, P&B Girls

kristi said...

Yep, I am most definitely my blog! I write what I feel...good or bad.


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