Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nice Matters

Uhh...I haven't really been that nice.

You see, Amanda at The Wink awarded me this shiny thing wayyyyyy back at the end of August. Gulp. An entire month ago. And I haven't yet passed it on. That's soooooo not nice.
So before she snatches it back from me to award a much more deserving (and nicer) blogger, I'm quickly going to pass it on!

I hereby bestow upon Shelli at Shell in the City; Jayna at My Longest Year; The New Girl; and Beth at Something's Gotta Give this lovely fancy shmancy Victorian looking award of roses in a shoe!

But wait...there's more. Candace at not that i don't love my kids... also dropped off the same award at the Trenches a little while ago: So I will, in turn, pass it on to my old(est) blog buddies Jen at Playgroups Are No Place For Children and Tulip Mom!

Enjoy ladies! You all make the blogosphere a NICE place to be!


Amanda said...

'S a good thing, too, 'cause I was just about to mosey on over here and snatch that from your ungrateful hands.


Jennifer said...

Ahh, gee willikers! Thanks!

Also, I wish we lived closer, too (per your comment today). We'd be great pals, I know it!

Shell in the City said...

Thanks. I'm speechless - so unexpected - no speech. All I can say is that award will be kept in a special place..on my blog!! Hope Santa makes note of this - preferably by giving me diamonds!! haha.

the new girl said...

She said I'm niiiice!
*jumps over a bush or something*

Remember that scene?


PS. Do nice people curse at their infants in the middle of the night?

Not that I do that.

I'm just checking.

hot potato said...

sweeeeeet! thanks for thinking of me. at least one person thinks i'm nice! it's officially the highlight of my day.... well er hmmm... that's after the "two kids go down for a nap" highlight.

jayna said...

Awww, warm fuzzies all around! I'm still not sure how I fooled anyone into thinking I was nice, but this made my day (or night, early morning, whatever it may be). Thanks!


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