Friday, September 14, 2007

Baby Got (Sexy) Back

As you may already know, I recently started running. And not just towards the Chinese buffet.

Therefore, I am going to offer some words of advice ass-vice to those of you whom are thinking of starting this masochistic madness a running routine in your own life. Because I'm nice like that. And trust me, all these hints come from experience:

1. When the alarm blares at the ass-crack-of-dawn o'clock, hitting the snooze button 14 times actually doesn't burn that many calories.

2. Sleeping in your workout clothes and sports bra, although constricting, saves at least 5 minutes at quarter-past the ass-crack-of-dawn. Hell, I would sleep in my Rykas (have you entered their promotion yet? 50 pairs of free shoes and shirts!) if it were socially acceptable.

3. Keep appropriate kick-ass songs on your iPod to keep you pumped. Frank Sinatra singing "Summer Wind" will NOT keep those legs moving.

4. Running while pushing a double jog stroller containing 40+ pounds of dead weight toddlers makes for much swearing sweating.

5. Going on a 7-mile run and then stopping at McD's for a Big Mac is not, I repeat, NOT conducive to becoming fit. It is, however, a little bit of greasy, salty, artery-clogging, heaven.

6. And when you're feeling a fleeting moment of pride for all your training, whatever you do, DON'T DO THIS.

So what's your secret to staying active?
How do you "FIT" it in? (get it?)
The Parent Bloggers Network wants to know!


Anonymous said...

I almost peed my pants, laughing so hard. My husband would have said the same thing!

I've been trying to get back into running. It's sooooooooo easy to NOT do it.

Thanks for the great tips!

Patois42 said...

You've got me beat, no doubt about it. I love the thought of sleeping in your clothes to shave time off your start! And I'll never forget what your husband said in response to your big-butt question. LOL.

Sunny said...

Nice post! I'm upset though, my entire morning workout was the snooze button routine, and you're telling me it won't work?! Well crap.

Anonymous said...

good for you! I've been running at night and cursing myself because I want to run in the morning but getting up BEFORE the kids get up just is to damn early.

Elizabeth said...

I am moving the bloggy. If you'd like new location, fire me off an email. :)

Hey, I walked the other day. Maybe by the time I'm like, oh, 75, I'll run.

Janet said...

All good tips!

I didn't, however, see a tip on what to do if your pelvic floor fervently disagrees with your choice of running and tries to publicly embarass you. Depends? Poise? What?

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Thanks, Sarah! Great tips! I never would have thought about sleeping in my workout clothes, but that's a keeper - what a great way to make sure you don't wimp out.

J. A. Blackburn said...

First of all THIS
"As you may already know, I recently started running. And not just towards the Chinese buffet." is brilliant.
Second, great post. You have *almost* inspired me to start running again. But then I remember the pain, and I am back to uninspired. So anyway, YOU GO girl!

lae said...

I too have considered sleeping in my running clothes. My alarm is set for 4:45am on running days and the only thing that really gets me up is knowing that 4 of my best girl friends are waiting. And it is sometimes the only me time all day. So what if it is dark.

Thanks for the tip about the free RYKA shoes. I signed up and just received an email that I had won a pair. YEAH.

Have a great weekend. Think of me tomorrow when I have my long run - 16 hilly miles. There will definitely be chocolate cake as a reward!


painted maypole said...

ha ha!

RED said...

I just found your blog linked thru others (I can't remember) but as a fellow runner (not a morning one though) I LOVED this post. When I HAVE to run in the A.M. I ALWAYS sleep in my clothes - it shaves precious minutes off and shames me into getting out of bed. (The one time I skipped a morning run when I slept in my running clothes I felt so terrible I never let it happen again). Anyway, great post and keep it up!


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