Thursday, August 02, 2007

You've Got a Friend in Me...

Quick! What movie?

This post is going to be all about friends. Just so you know.

This past Saturday I had a visit from one of my college roommates whom I hadn't seen in over 7 years.

I thought it would be weird. After all, she's been living in Seattle, and now Germany for the past 4 years. She is single, with no children. She kind of scoffed when I got married, then scoffed again when I got pregnant. So I felt like we were on totally different wavelengths. Plus, neither of us had made much of an effort to keep in touch.

So her announcement of a visit to New England was a surprise. The plan was for her to come to the Trenches, meet the boyz and spend the night. I was just uncertain as what to expect. Awkwardness, maybe? Long lapses with both of us searching for something to talk about?

When she rang the doorbell, it literally was like being in a time machine. She looked EXACTLY THE SAME as she did when I first met her on the soccer field freshman year of college 16 years a long time ago! Apparently having no kids and living and traveling abroad keeps one looking young...the bitch.

Anyway, we had a great visit. It was fun to catch up on each others' lives and families. And you know what else? It was just comfortable. There's definitely something to be said for old friends. Friends who "knew you when". Friends who know the "real you". So thanks for the reminder, Amy.


I spoke this morning with my oldest and bestest friend. She lives in Florida. We've known each other since the age of 2, when my mom began babysitting her.

We lived 8 houses down from each other growing up. All through grades K-12.

Again, we don't keep in touch religiously. And our lives couldn't possibly be any more different than they are. Seriously. We lead opposite lives. However, when we chat, it's easy to fall right back into rhythm. And when we manage to squeeze in visits (it's been almost 18 months since the last one), it's as if no time has passed. We're still the same silly little girls in some ways that we were throughout adolescence. How nice. How comforting.

My phone call to her today was to offer condolences. Her dog, her "Boo", had to be put to sleep. She had left a message to tell me because I happened to be visiting her in Atlanta 10 years ago on the day she found the dog in her yard, playing, with no collar or license. I told her that very day, "I betcha you'll be keeping him, Dr. Dolittle." No way, she had responded.

Rest in peace, Judd old boy. You had a good life.


When Hubby and I first met down south, I remember him telling me, "You're gonna love all my friends back in Massachusetts."

And I do. I feel like I fit right in. If I had met this group of women, these college friends of Hubby's, who are now all wives of his college buddies (it's somewhat incestuous), on my own, I would easily be friends with them. They're my "type." We are all in the same life stage and are sharing the same experiences. So it's a wonderful support system to have as I navigate this journey of motherhood.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow five of us (the same women from my Myrtle Beach excursion last fall--we'll miss you Sue!) will descend upon Newport, Rhode Island for the weekend.

A weekend of rest, relaxation, beach, shopping, eating, drinking, chatting.

All together now, say "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh."

I am lucky. This I know.

The better part of one's life consists of his her friendships. --Abraham Lincoln


Janet said...

The movie? Toy Story, of course.

Have a great weekend away with your girlfriends. My friends and I keep talking about doing just that, but then it seems someone is always pregnant or nursing. One day. Sigh.

In the meantime, we have a regular eat, drink and laugh club, er, I mean Book Club. There are books present, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous right now... Have fun!!! Enjoy your alone time.... And BTW I just love your blog. Your totally someone I could be friends with, and you always make me smile. So thanks for the good writing!

Angela said...

It must be nice to have friends like yours. I could never hold on to anyone due to being an ARMY brat.
Have FUN

Natalie said...

Your oldest and bestest friend reminds me of mine. We've been friends since we were ten, but both moved around a lot and Our lives are much, much different. She lives in Oregon, I live in Arizona. We see eachother about once every three or four years and talk about as many times during that time. BUT, when we do talk, it's just like old times.

To infinity, and beyond!

Kate said...

Friends is good. More friends, I say.

Sarah said...

Oh that sounds great. I used to love going to Newport.

Have fun for me!

Suz said...

Isnt it the best catching up with old friends. I'm lucky enough to have 10 good friends (talk to on a weekly basis) from high school and my 4 dearest friends (live with 2 of them) since elementary school), my best friend and I have been friends "since the womb". It takes work keeping up these friendships, but its certainly worth it. I don't get to see my college friends as much as I would like, but we meet at the beach every fall for a weekend and the time just falls away.

I'm reminded of the quote from William Blake, "the bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship"

Blue Momma said...

I'm from the south and you yankees are much maligned down here.

However, I moved to MA and lived there for 2 1/2 years (moved just after 9/11)and have never felt so welcome or so at home.

So when my smart ass southern friends call me a yankee when I say "f-eye-ve" instead of "fiiiive", I just smile and say thank you!

And wish New England was still home.....

Anonymous said...

You're gonna be in Newport!? You'll be like 30 minutes from me... I wish I had known sooner - I would've sent you some Newport Bridge tokens! :)

I feel for your friend who lost her dog. We, too, had to put our beloved dog to sleep last week. I am heartbroken and always will be. He was my child.

It really is amazing how you can have such a connection with some friends... you can go long stretches without seeing each other or even talking, and when you finally connect again, it just clicks.

Jane, P&B Girls

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

You are lucky. Very lucky.

And condolences to your friend whose dog had to be put down. So sad.

k e r r y said...

That sounds like my kind of weekend! Woo Hoo! Have an awesome time with the girls!

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

So, not only do we look alike, I could also relate to each of your stories. Have fun!!

Shell in the City said...

Old friends are the best!! I've always wanted to go to Newport..I hope you blog about it! It is fun to have such a mix of friends, but I find it true that the older ones are truly the most comfortable ones to hang with even if our lives are totally different.

erin said...

Toy Story!

Sounds like so much fun, girl trips are the best!

hot potato said...

i love old friends. they hold the measuring stick for the new ones. great post.

Stacey said...

That's the sign of a true friend. Even though you may not talk every day or see one another every day you still care for each other just as much as always.

Have tons of fun on your girls weekend!

Ms. Skywalker said...

It is so wonderful to have those kinds of friends, isn't it?

The friends whose couch is always the same and just as comfy as the first time you sat there.

Have fun, but that's a given.

tinamtl said...

There is nothing that compares to an old friend. Even one that we have lost touch with for years and find again. Sometimes it just feels as if no time came in between. I am very nostalgic when it comes to this. I just joined facebook a week ago and already I have added friends from high school and college and even elementary school that I haven't seen in AGES. I feel so happy to see that their lives turned out good, that they are content, healthy...etc. I wrote a blog about it too.

It makes your heart skip a beat to find somebody that meant something to you in your life...even if just for a brief moment in life.

Carla said...

I am so happy for you! Hang onto the gems!

Tracy Rambles On And On said...

Like you, my best friend and I have known each other since the 6th grade. She and I did go our separate ways too. I met my husband and had children at a time when she was still being the party girl. But no matter how far apart we went or what stage we were at in our separate lives, when we get together it's like stepping back to 15 years ago. She knew me when I was it's nice to be around someone who remembers when that person actually existed.
Have fun on your trip!

Cherann said...

You ARE lucky.

Unknown said...

I am glad to see someone watches Toy Story as much as I do!


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