Monday, July 09, 2007

You Will Be Riveted By These Facts

Sara, my bud at Suburban Oblivion tagged me for this. I, in turn, am tagging:

1. Cate at A Beautiful Life; provided, of course, her poor thumb is all better!
2. CG at Bubbie's Corner; hopefully she hasn't found any more torpedos.
3. Kim at Ed's Girl 4 Life; welcome back to the blogging, my IRL friend!
4. Feener at Mommyvents; after she's cleaned the high chair, that is.
5. Kerry at More, More More; once she's back from her fun girls' weekend.
6. Kate at One More Thing; because she's HOME ALONE for 6 days!
7. Jenn at Serving the Queens; even though she's a Tigers fan.
8. Shelli at Shell in the City; my Charlotte, NC fellow paralegal buddy.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this:

One: Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

Two: You need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names/pseudonyms/blogs.

Sit down, this will be intense:

1. I have my father's feet. Specifically, his toes. More specifically, little baby toes that curl under. All 3 of my boyz have this as well. It was the first thing my Hubby looked at after birth. Their toes. To see whether or not they got my feet. Yay me!

2. Hubby is so very lucky in the fact that his oldest and closest friends all live here in MA for the most part. My oldest pre-marriage friends are spread all over; mainly D.C., AR, CO and FL.

3. I have never been able to get rid of generously give away all my newborn baby boy clothes. I want to give them to someone who needs them. But everyone I know keeps having girls! Or else it's the wrong season for them to need summer newborn boy clothes. I have one pregnant friend who is due in a few weeks. I'm holding out for her, but at the same time, I really want her to have a girl.

4. I'm shamelessly addicted to Big Brother. And now I have my mom hooked as well (after only 2 episodes!) So I have someone to share the trainwreck cheesiness with.

5. Speaking of, my mother is staying In the Trenches with us for the entire month of July. She arrived a week ago. This will be the third (!) summer that she has come to help. It's kinda like having my own personal Nanny 911. I'm beyond words appreciative and grateful and thankful that we have the kind of relationship that allows this to happen each year.

6. I do not like to drink anything that isn't cold: no coffee, tea or red wine for me, thanks. In the heart of Dunkin' Donuts country, I'm considered somewhat of a freak for this.

7. I read before I go to sleep every night. My routine is take out contacts, put on (Coke bottle) glasses, turn on bedside light, make sure alarm is set (5:40am to go for a 30 min run) and read until my eyes get heavy and I've forgotten what I've just read.

8. I am book smart but lack (quite) a bit of common sense. Just don't have it. This drives Hubby crazy. Eldest seems to be following in my (curled baby toe) footsteps...

Your turn ladies!


Anonymous said...

Color me riveted!

I don't like coffee that much. Cold or hot, not a huge fan. You can imagine how ostracized I feel at Dunkin' Donuts when I order a Smoothie!!

Jane, P&B Girls

Sarah said...

Really? Nothing hot? Not even in winter?

Kate said...


I love being tagged. I truly, truly do. Makes me feel special and tingly and all that fun stuff.

But I just did 8 random things and I'm kind of at a loss for now. Plus I can't think about anything other than my kitchen, unless it's the impending office-organization and cleaning.

But thank you for thinking that I could think! And I am, indeed, still home alone...

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh the giggles!

The most ill advised thing my hubby ever said was, "I just hope the baby doesn't have your toes." Excuse me?!

Maude Lynn said...

I don't like to drink anything cold, even when it's 90 degrees outside!

Cara said...

Thanks for the tag. I am working on my facts. It really hard to come up with stuff that won't bore people (or myself for that matter) to tears.

painted maypole said...

5:40am?!?!?!?!?!? Wow, i try my best to do nothing but sleep that early in the morning, and certainly do everything possible to avoid RUNNING. Yikes. Good for you.

ed's girl said...

sorry I have no room for anymore boy clothes--i know you wanted to help--i feel your pain as i just got rid of all my maternity clothes--so freeing--and i found just the right sucker in need too--so fun! LMAO at the inherent toe gene b/c all my kids have ed's toe--it's crazy. His family also looks "there" first on a newborn (weird)(i wonder why no one's looking at their penis or s/thing--HA!)They always said Kayden has the "Webb toe" so for the longest time I kept pulling her toes apart thinking they were webbed or s/thing--turns out this is ed's grandmother's maiden name--go figure--you know me--stumped!

justme said...

love big ICED tea unsweeten
read with my glasses on at night

my mom is coming on monday for a week !

Heather said...

Common sense is for the common. You're a member of the royal court...NOT common!

Cherann said...

I have 7 and 8 in common with you. (I even have the coke bottle glasses)

My sister constantly tells me I'm book smart but I lack common sense...

kristi said...

I love Big Brother too! I even have hubby addicted this season.


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