Thursday, July 12, 2007

We All Don't Scream for Ice Cream, Apparently

My friend Amanda, in response to my plea to the ice cream man, posted this video ("Where da singin' truck go?") on her amazing blog, The Wink. It just may very well be the cutest thing EVER.


Amanda said...

Well, maybe after some of the pictures you've posted of your boys, then it's the cutest. I say we plot a way to snag a photo of our five all in little Sox caps. Field trip? Fenway? Ice cream? Wine after dark?

Ms. Skywalker said...



Two of my favorite bloggers, dressing their offspring in Sox attire.

Listen, Trenches, I love ya and all, but quit flirting with my girl crush. I said it first, she's mine.

Sarah said...

No, guys, she's mine. And I'm older than both of you, so I win. (At least that's how my nine-year-old would argue the case.)


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