Monday, July 02, 2007

Perfect Post Award--June

June 2007 Perfect Post Awards

My choice for June’s Perfect Post Award goes to…(hear the drumroll?)

Sara at Suburban Oblivion! For her post entitled Depression-A View From the Inside. Quick, go read it (I’ll wait) and then come back here, okay?

All set? How’s that for grippingly honest writing? This post of Sara’s truly struck a nerve with me. As a matter of fact, Sara and I went on to have a string of e-mail conversations about our separate (yet eerily similar) experiences with post-partum depression.

Certainly, as moms, we ALL have those kinds of days, right? The difference is, though, when “that” kind of day suddenly turns into “everyday”.

So my personal thanks to Sara for having the moxie, guts and soul to blog about this condition that can’t always be “fixed” (no matter what Tom Cruise Scientologists others may say or think) with vitamins and exercise.

Want to see other Perfect Post awardees? They can be found on the sites of the gracious hosts of these awards, Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil and MommaK at Petroville. Enjoy!


Ms. Skywalker said...

That was a perfect post.

Kudo's to you for sending us there and reminding us that we aren't alone, no matter how much it feels like it sometimes.

Ms. Skywalker said...

Ugh...cannot email you--I wanted to tell you that I felt a little bad after reading your comment on my blog...the shirt that I had on, which initially attracted the attention of the Tigers said, "Jesus Hates the Yankees" :))

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Wow, that was really powerful. Anyone who has ever battled depression (I count myself among them) can definitely relate to those feelings she described.

When Tom Cruise went on his career suicide tour two years ago, it was all I could do not to drive down to the Today Show (or wherever else he was spewing his crap) and knock the shit out of him!

Jane, P&B Girls

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much again for this!!

nene P said...

Give yourself permission to express your thoughts... I repressed them for, lets see the first 20 years of marriage and my childrens growing years. Yes, Celexa is my best friend. I only have one thought in my head at a time and no more thunderstorms... well, maybe rainshowers! Have a great week.


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