Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is the Deepest Thought I Can Muster This Morning

Ultimately, who do you think should be more embarrassed when you randomly bump into each other while perusing the goods at Target late on a Tuesday or your hairdresser?

Your hairdresser because oh-my-God I would never admit that I style that chick's hair, because just look at it???

Or you, because instead of washing? or styling? you choose to pile up your greasy frizzy rat's nest in a clip on the top of your head, thus somewhat negating the 2 hours of cutting, styling and straightening that said hairdresser performs (approximately) every 8 weeks.

Talk amongst yourselves.


Heather said...

If I were the hairdresser I would be uplifted because I would see it as, "oh, someone I can help! Please, sit in my chair whilest I save you from the crisco that is your hair!"

As the greasy hair person, I would take it as divine intervention that I need to make an appointment. Which reminds me I need to call mine!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I pick C - none of the above.

It was in Target and Target is a safe place. A happy place. Nothing bad ever happens at Target. Not even bad hair.

Anonymous said...

Seeing your hairdresser "out" is like how it was seeing your teacher "out" when you were a kid. You can't believe they are EVER anywhere but WORK!

At least you didn't run into her at Supercuts! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

tinamtl said...

I'd be very embarrassed LOL!

Ms. Skywalker said...

On my gear shift, nightstand, in my briefcase, in my glovebox, in every single purse, in most of my pockets:

Goody Stay Put hair-holders.

Cause nothing says, "I'm blowing my cash when I get my hair done" quite like the style that I usually roll with.

Simple beauty, I like to call it.

"Your leaving the house like that" is Big A's version.

To each, their own.

Lorilu said...

Good point and I have been there! However we have to remember that Hairdressers are people too! :)
I am SURE they have their days of making the same choice "to pile up their greasy frizzy rat's nest in a clip on the top of your head, thus somewhat negating the 2 hours of cutting, styling..." Let yourself off the hook! :)

Sarah said...

Hahahahah -- I love Mrs. Chicky's comment!

Yep, you might be embarrassed...

But your hairstylist is probably used to it.

Gray Matter Matters said...

Great post. Actually I went to a hairdresser (oops, stylist) for years and one time she gave me such a hideous haircut I rivaled Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. Acutally I rivaled Beetlejuice. Anyway, I couldn't go back, but I ran into her a few months later and cursed myself for not wearing my invisibility cloak.

Anonymous said...

I hate getting my brows waxed because I have that done at the hair salon and it's SO MUCH PRESSURE! Sometimes I wear a hat so she knows at least I wasn't trying :).

tulipmom said...

I'm usually embarrassed at the way my hair looks when I go for a cut. I always feel like I need to make it look good (which, of course, it doesn't ... or why would I be going??) so he can see that I am fully capable of styling it on my own (which, of course, I'm not).

Anonymous said...

There there dear-your hairdresser probably barely noticed what with the opiates that Target pumps through their air conditioning vents making that fuzzy brained feeling of complete euphoria referenced by Mrs. Chicky. (Thanks Mrs. C for further validating my claims that I make twice weekly to Mr. QM regarding purchases of random crap from the dollar bins to the "Hot Buys" section.) Love, Queenie

Momma Em said...

My hairdresser happens to be my bestfriend so she has seen my hair at it's worst. (ie. I'm her guinea-pig)

Don't worry, I'm sure ALL hairdressers have seen monster hair before. If it looked like you had actually attempted to style it and it still looked horrible then the hairdresser probably would have been horrified.

Cara said...

I agree with Mrs. Chicky, Target is a safe place.


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