Friday, June 08, 2007

Sleep? No Time For That!

This post is going to be neither witty nor silly, in all likelihood. It's gonna read more like a list. A list of all the shit things I have going on in the next week. But I need to get organized. And everytime I write something down on paper, it mysteriously disappears or gets completely scribbled over and rendered unintelligible (note to self: Keep all frickin writing utensils away from Baby!)

Tomorrow: Niece's dance recital at 2:00 and Middle's 3rd birthday party (with 30 guests) at 4:30...and yes, of course, rain is forecasted. Would it not be PC to shove all the kiddies in the big jumpy thing we're borrowing and zip it closed? Kidding. Really.

Sunday: My family will leave (at the ass crack of dawn in all likelihood since my father usually wakes up on the day they're to leave and PACES until it's time to go)...and I will attempt a cleanup, laundry, packing...

Monday: Middle's actual 3rd birthday, and yeah, I'm working. I've warned Eldest to ZIP IT with the whole birthday party/actual birthday date. He's obsessing that Middle won't be having his REAL birthday on the REAL date. Thankfully, Middle has no clue.

Which brings me to Tuesday. EARLY Tuesday. Before sunrise, the 5 of us will be on a flight to Myrtle Beach! Hubby's parents are leaving tomorrow for a week in the sunny south. We declined their initial invitation to join them, as it certainly wasn't affordable economical for our family to fly down there for a week...but I managed to track down a crazy, super-cheap deal. The 5 of us (well, actually 4, since Baby is under 2 and still free. And no, I'm not a mother like this...) are flying down there from Tuesday to Friday for a mere $275. Total. Including taxes. How could we pass up that rate?

Friday: We fly home. My Younger Bro comes into town with my Nephew.

Saturday: We're all going to Edaville Railroad for a Day Out With Thomas. (Personally, I'd rather have a Day Out with Matt McConaughey), but nobody asked me.

Sunday: Father's Day. Hubby leaves for Atlanta in the afternoon for "work" (ie., golfing and Braves v. Red Sox in a luxury box.) until Tuesday.

Think I could just have an IV in my arm flowing with vodka and Red Bull until all this craziness dies down?


Natalie said...

Well my posts are NEVER witty, but I still write them. Even when you think you aren't at your witty-est (yeah, a new word), you are still witty (and silly, and all that other stuff). I think I used witty a little too much didn't I? Witty witty witty!

Have a great time accomplishing all of those things that will tire you out but sound like fun (for the most part). Oh yeah, and can you send that rain our way? I think it's supposed to be like 105 tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ass crack of dawn. There's no other way to express how early that is.

I use that phrase all the time. Let's say it again: Ass. Crack. Of Dawn.

Man, I miss sleep.

Heather said...

Whoa ho! Busy times. Better you than me!

Have fun!

hot potato said...

sounds crazy! have a drink on me... heck, if it's red bull and vodka have a handful more. have fun in myrtle beach.

Sisters with Style said...

Summer is crazy, busy I know. Good luck with everything!

Ms. Skywalker said...

Let me know if the whole day with Matthew McConaughey works out and how I can get in on that.

Secondly, I want your hubby's job.

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Myrtle Beach is a pretty good reward for such a hectic weekend! Have fun!

Hope the birthday party goes well (and I won't even mention that it's not his REAL birthday)! Oops, I just did, didn't I!? :)

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

justme said...

i am exhausted from reading it !

Cate said...


tulipmom said...

I'd like a Night In with McDreamy. Okay fine, I'll set for a Day Out.

Cara said...

You're life sounds like mine except I only have one little one at the moment to tend to.
I am right there with you on spending the day with Matthew McConaughey.


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