Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Question and a Quote (For Your Reading Pleasure)

Here's my question:

Do you all hate the 15-minute catnap as much as I do?

It frustrates me to no end, besides inevitably screwing up the ENTIRE rest of my day. It's like, you have that teeny, tiny WINDOW of time to put your child down for what you know will be a successful napping experience. And any variation thereof leads to failure.

Today we went to the lake to celebrate Baby's 2nd birthday with a few friends. Much to my chagrin, Baby fell asleep in the car on the way home at 1:00 (naptime for him is usually at 12:30, so already I was playing Russian Roulette with naptime. Crap.) Quickly ushered him out of his carseat and into the house (all the while trying to shoo Eldest who kept saying in an annoying singsong voice right in Baby's mug, "Baby, we're hooo--ome. Did you take a nap? Did you wake up? We're hooo-oome.")

Sure enough, about 10 minutes after I laid him down, I could hear him on the baby monitor, starting to awaken. Sounding chipper. Taunting me. "Ha ha, you let me catnap. I don't need no stinkin' nap..."

So from now on, if you see someone driving a big-ass SUV with one arm cranked around to the back seat, singing and bopping her head like a maniac...that would be me. Trying to prevent my child from taking a catnap before we get home for a NAP. A real one.

And here's the quote:

Today in New England was hot. And humid. But extreme. It wasn't an "outdoor" day, unless you were near immersed in water. As Eldest and I were sitting in our stuffy sunroom (the AC can't even begin to cool that room down), he proceeded to take off his t-shirt. As he was doing so, he commented:

"I'm so hot, Mom, I wish I could just take off my skin!"


Anonymous said...

Oh-I feel your pain. I live that parallel life. I did get a long nap out of the politician today, but the caveman is INTENT on giving up naps. He is a total terror these days. At least when he napped, I got some time to recharge myself-now, I would kill for a 15 min. catnap myself. Love, QM

Jennifer said...

Catnaps are all that is evil and unholy. I curse thee catnap.

I've practically wrecked the SUV trying to keep my kid awake. Crashed car or's a toss-up.

justme said...

cute quote ! and as you know i have been in nap hell for far too long. i have resorted to driving them around some days, strollers some days....screaming to keep them awake on other days. I believe one of my posts was forget road rage i have nap rage !!!

Heather said...

Hot? Humid? In New England? You're kidding right? I'm curious. Was it like oh my god it's a frickin' sauna out here and i can NOT breath for the air is so thick with the heat, the moist heavy heat that won't evaporate your sweat ever? Because that would feel like home to me.

I love the 15 minute cat nap for myself. But it is a raging monster for the kids. I'm a hater of the kid 15 minute nap.

Anonymous said...

OMG do I hate catnaps.... My 2 year old always falls for these, and it kills me! I get SO MAD!!!

Her Bad Mother said...

Cat naps are a scam. Cats never nap for just fifteen minutes. Cats nap ALL DAY.

tinamtl said...

Luckily my kids never slept in the car. I had them so wound up in ROUTINE that they couldn't sleep ANYWHERE but in their own beds. Sometimes good - because being home it allowed for hours of peaceful naptime - but on the road - on a busy day. No-way they'd sleep driving in the car or in a carriage...They'd just be cranky instead...while every other mother around had a pass out sleeping baby lumped in every carriage I passed! hahah

k e r r y said...

I love naps - anything I can get I'll take it... my son will cat nap and wake up refreshed...of course when the kids were young I felt the same way you do! A cat nap meant no 2 hour nap!

Anonymous said...

The catnap is indeed an evil bitch. Of course, my oldest stopped napping at 12 months so I'll take what I can get.

Chaotic Joy said...

Ah yes. I am always the one driving down the road while tickling Clara's feet and singing very loudly...just to ward off the evil catnap. I feel your pain.


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