Thursday, June 07, 2007

Links (That I) Love

I have a lot of IRL (in-real-life) friends who read me and who REFUSE TO START THEIR OWN BLOG. You know who you are....

So when someone IRL says to me something along the lines of, "Hey, I love your blog. You're a great writer. You should be a writer. You are so funny and real. I love what you write. You crack me up." (I mean, they don't say that ALL that all at once, that would be pretty weird), I usually get embarrassed and modest and feel sort of "fake" in a way, because, my gosh, have you seen the SHEER NUMBER of mommy blogs out there? And there are sooooooo many who are WAY better than me. So I feel like a fraud. Like, jeez, you certainly wouldn't be reading my piddly lil ole blog if you knew what else was out there, you silly fool,

My Blogroll Buddies. Holy crap, my blogroll has been growing (*sigh* if only my boobs would do the same, and my butt would stop, I'd be all set. But I digress...) and I read each of the blogs I have linked on my website, practically every day. Ok, definitely every day. I may be a little bit obsessed. Those are some great writers, people. READ THE GALS ON MY BLOGROLL. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Along with those listed on my blogroll, these are the writers whom I can't even begin to compare with (I've linked to a particular post of each of theirs to give you an idea of just how much better than me how good, how funny, how eloquent and how honest they each are:

1. Chicky Chicky Baby. A fellow New Englander. Practically a neighbor, in fact! I first started reading her awhile ago, and she even so kindly interviewed me back in March. She and I are in a similar situation with non-speaking (intelligibly, that is) toddlers. And she cracks me up. And I'm going to meet her in real life. Yay!

2. Dooce. She's the queen. End of story. And she cracks me up.

3. Amalah. When she writes, it's just like you'd imagine hearing her talk, you know? And the zoo story? She cracks me up.

4. Rockstar Mommy. Can I just tell you that all her posts are like this? Frenetic, crazy...and guess what??? She cracks me up.

5. i am bossy. I just discovered her. She refers to herself in the third person. And she cracks me up.

6. Motherhood Uncensored. She's another queen of the blogwaves. And this Mominatrix post of hers at the Imperfect Parent guessed it...crack you up!

7. Amanda writes at both Tumble Dry and The Wink. I can't single out any of her posts because almost all of them get me choked up. She's that good of a writer. With her knack for spinning beautiful stories about the everyday happenings of life with 2 beautiful little girls, I feel like I know her IRL, even though we've never met.

8. Slouching Towards 40. I love how she describes her life with her sons. I feel like by reading her, I can see into my future with my 3 boyz. She also gets me choked up and helps me to remember that they will only be young once.

There. Now the truth is out. I'm soooooooo not there yet in my writing abilities. One can only hope...and soldier on....

Happy Reading!


Heather said...

Ohhh, I will have to go read some of super-popular-like-I-will-never-be list of bloggers. I've heard of most, imagine that, but only read about half. Do you think we could add more hours to the day just to get blog reading in? Sounds like an idea to me!

You ARE a great writer! We're all our own worst critics fer sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how sweet are you?! Thanks for the linky lurve!

I just found i am bossy, too (well, I always knew I am bossy), and absolutely love it. Cheeks almost choked today on one of our numerous choking hazards (we're like a Par 9 golf course for babies) because I couldn't be bothered to stop reading her old posts.

I read you every day, too. You are a permanent fixture on my Google Share sidebar, ya know.

Oh, and your story is exactly why I don't tell my IRL people that I have a blog. It's just too awkward.

Sarah said...

Aw, shucks. Now I'm all choked up. We can be choked up together, 'kay?

Thank you.

You are a good writer, BTW. We're just all so different. I stalk a lot of the writers on your list.

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

You truly are a fabulous writer and a joy to read! I ESPECIALLY LOVE the crossed-out words. Your boys will love reading these when they are older!!

justme said...

This was very enjoyable, i need to check all that you mentioned - some of them I read, some I haven't...yet. I think you are doing a great job with your blogging and I read yours daily !! I hear what you are saying about writing, each time I see a Mom's blog I think my lord these people are great writers, so creative, so intelligent !! I can strive...

justme said...

ps you should really read

I find her honesty amazing.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Okay, I know it's because we'll soon be BFFs in real life and all... But I'm totally giggling over being number one over Dooce and Amalah and company. In your face, suckahs!!


For that I will braid your hair and bring you a coffee when we meet if you'd like. Cream and sugar, Sugar?

Amanda said...

Choked up, you want choked up? I'm sitting right here, fat bowl of popcorn in my lap ready to surf some mindless sites, but first, my bloglines, and you! You made my night. Truly, just like every comment you've ever left, of which there have been many. Wish I was meeting you IRL but until such a day, I'll nourish myself with your stoires of life with your boys - your well written, engaging, and always-keep-me-coming-back-for-more stories.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Thanks for the link and calling me a writer, cause seriously that thrills me!

i am bossy, holy moly she's funny! I just found her, too.

I love Mrs. Chicky's comment above!

You are a wonderful writer yourself by the way. My commenting has become sporadic as I (gasp) have been caring for a newborn. I do read you, though, everyday!

Jennifer said...

I forgot to add, hopefully one day we can really meet and be IRL friends!

Unknown said...

I just found you and love your site!! You'll definitely be on my favorites list.

I really needed more great blogs to give me more excuses to ignore the kids, so thanks for the list!

Unknown said...

I already read a couple of those, but I can't wait to check out the rest! Thanks!

Kelly said...

Excellent choices, all!

(And don't sell yourself short, there, lady! Not allowed!)

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Thanks for the linky love! That's some high compliments.

I love YOUR writing. And your taste in blogs.

BOSSY said...

Bossy is, like, totally honored -- right down to the tips of her fur-lined flip-flops. You're the best.

Cara said...

I am honored to be on your Blog Roll!

tinamtl said...

I am not a big fan of mommy type blogs, because I find I just have enough "baby" stuff irl - online I like to escape. BUT I am a fan if the mommy blog is Humourous, Witty, Real, and Captivating. As is your blog. I love to read it!!!!!!! You are one of my favourites!


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