Friday, June 22, 2007

A Bright Spot In An Otherwise Blah Day

To sum up my day:
A new friend, tantrums, groceries, and gin. And there ya have it.

The boyz and I met Mrs. Chicky and Chicky Baby for a playdate this morning. I recognized Chicky Baby instantly on the playground. The cutest little peanut towhead ya ever saw. And Momma wasn't so bad herself (stylish, unassuming, nice--she offered me her jacket! Because it was cool and breezy at the playground. Silly me was wearing a tank top and shorts.) I was actually just happy I remembered to brush my teeth before we left the house, nevermind wearing weather appropriate clothing. And I think, in my incessant chatter, that I may have admitted to not showering. Who says that to someone they've just met? Uh, me. So we made a good pair, Mrs. Chicky and I. She who has admitted that she lets the other person lead the conversation upon first meeting...and I? I tend to be a nervous talker. To not shut up. So it was perfect for both of us. Until Middle somehow got soaked from head to toe in a puddle (no, I wasn't watching him, I was making a new friend! duh) and we had to make a quick exit due to his high-pitched screeching and wailing. But! We're practically neighbors. There will be future tales of Chicky/Trenches get-togethers.

Lunchtime. Baby was tired and cranky. Waking up at 5:45 am will do that to a little guy. Made hot dogs nutritionally balanced meals for lunch. Baby apparently didn't want a hot dog meal full of nitrates nutrition, even though he WON'T TALK TO TELL ME WHAT HE WANTS. So he tipped over his paper plate. I (took a deep breath and) turned it back upright and then he proceeded to throw a piece of hot dog food on the floor. Last straw. Night, night Baby. After sleeping for over 2-1/2 hours, he was then very appreciative of a pb&j sandwich.

This evening after a Pop Warner football pizza party. Grocery shopping. Hubby and I are masochists. Why else would we all go to the grocery store on a Friday night? PLUS, bring along my Niece (whom we were babysitting) for even more fun and confusion. Middle couldn't quite grasp the fact that our dinner was the pizza party. Where we all enjoyed pizza. For dinner. After grocery shopping (in which we spent $75 over our normal weekly budget because you should just NEVER shop with unruly children; it apparently ruins one's concentration on bargain shopping and price checking) Middle kept repeating that he wanted his Creamsicle yogurt "for lunch". Sure Middle, you can have your yogurt for lunch. Tomorrow. Today is done, it's almost bedtime, and you are done eating for the night. Yeah, not so much. It just didn't click for Middle. He kept insisting that he wanted his yogurt "for lunch" but really meaning "right now". Try explaining the concepts of today, tomorrow and yesterday to a barely-3 year old. Along with the notion of breakfast, lunch, dinner. Or maybe just slit your eyeballs with a razor instead. Night, night Middle.

And now? Now I drink gin and enjoy the quiet that is a Friday night In the Trenches.


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Like I told you on the playground, I bow to your powers of mothering. For realz. I'd get down on my knees if they weren't in such bad shape.

It was great meeting you and your gorgeous trio of little men. Looking forward to our next meeting (perhaps sans children? With alcohol? ;) )

Natalie said...

Hehe, you were cracking me up there. I'm drinking beer tonight and it's just making me tired. Stupid hops. How's that gin going?

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you two had fun! I'm a nervous talker, too. I blab on about God knows what!

Thanks for the nod at Pinks and Blues!

Annie said...

Glad you got that Gin!

I never, ever take little people grocery shopping anymore. My nerves can't take it lol!

Sarah said...

Bloggers meeting IRL? Was she what you expected her to be? Were you what she expected? I'm fascinated by this topic!

Anonymous said...

Oh... I love your post!!!
After my Friday night (I wrote all about it on my blog) I should have joined you for some gin!!
How far are you from RI? :)
You have such a rocking blog... love love love it!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Unknown said...

your boys are beautiful, and your writing? hilarious. i love checking in to see what's happening! <333

Anonymous said...

LOL of Sarah!!
Grocery store or Hone Depot - practically one in the same here!
I brought the 2 oldest with my mother to the grocery store on Thursday afternoon. When I went to the check out - I realized my middle guy (1 1/2) had out about 5 items next to him. Stuff I would NEVER buy... and so, b/c he thinks he "wants" them... we had a little meltdown as I pried them away.
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Heather said...

Yes, weekend nights are so exciting once you have a family, huh?

tinamtl said...

Too funny with your scratched out words. *laughing*

Ms. Skywalker said...

I'm a nervous laugher.

Kids in the grocery store?

I think some dude named Dante wrote something about that...something regarding the third ring of hell.


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