Monday, June 25, 2007

And Something Even More to Post Without Actually Having to Muster Any Originality

Yay! Jennifer at Playgroups Are No Place For Children (is that not the best name ever for a blog?) and Feener at Mommyvents AND CG at Bubbie's Corner AND Cate at A Beautiful Life all think I'm Rockin'! (Do you want cash or a check for that, you crazy girls?!) Now it's my turn to pass on the proverbial warm fuzzies:

1. Shauna at Pass the Chocolate. Because hello? Chocolate? Someone who loves chocolate as much as I do deserves this award. She's definitely rockin'. Especially when she tells stories about doing loads of laundry or workin that breastpump.

2. Meg at Simply Nutmeg. She's a new find of mine. We're going to be doing a new gig together over at TopBlogMag, so I took a peek at her work. And am now hooked. As you will be once you read.

3. Amanda at The Wink. I am firmly convinced that she and I would (will?) be friends in-real-life. Whenever I'm having a bad mommy day at home with the boyz In the Trenches, I can count on the fact that Amanda's writing will uplife, energize and refresh me. Her writing is simply inspiring...and rockin'.

4. Ashley at Ashley's Closet. She rocks because she tells it like it is. Especially when she writes a letter to her little one. She writes down all the stuff that I think in my head.

5. And Mrs. Chicky (I know her real name!) at Chicky Chicky Baby. Because like duh, she's my new BFF (blog friend forever). And because we're going to meet up again without Chicky Baby (I know her real name too!) and the boyz. Place? To be determined. Time? Wine-Thirty! And I can tell you for a fact that she's rockin'.

So go share the love, you Rockin' Girl Bloggers!


Yellow Fence said...

Thanks for the links to the great blogs! Ashley is my favorite... she's a riot!


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Hey, baby, thanks!

Wine-Thirty. Love that. Anytime is wine time in my house. You name the day I'll bring my good liver.

gigsym said...

how about your favorite NON MOMMY BLOGGERS!?

Cara said...

I think all you guys rocks!

Ms. Skywalker said...

Thanks for the links.

It's like when a friend tells you that you have to get this book, and you know that you do, because she wouldn't steer you wrong.

Wine-thirty? They told me that I was buying an original clock; that it was a work of art.

At least, that's how I think I remember it...

Anonymous said...

Awesome... will check this rockin' sites out!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Heather said...

Congrats! So well deserved!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

And thanks so much for the honor!

Amanda said...

Yeah for you! And yeah for the rest of us for having you to read and befriend, kinda, right?
Let's just go ahead and say we're friends, with any luck our kids'll hook up, be wildly successful and buy us season tickets next to each other at Fenway.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks! When you and Amanda get together, I want to come along!

Unknown said...

I just found this!! Thank you, thank you! You made my night!


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