Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Triathlon Training Begins...Sort Of

Just a little over 3 months until the triathlon. Gulp. And now, since the weather here in New England has finally resolved to actually turn "springlike", I, in turn, have resolved to get my ass in gear.

When Hubby left to get Eldest and Middle skinned buzzcuts at the barber this morning, I loaded up Baby in the hiking backpack and set off for a jaunt. Clue #1 it was going to not go well: my iPod mysteriously wouldn't work (don't you hate it when you try to work out and you wear the wrong shorts that ride up, or your hair scrunchy doesn't hold, or something/anything else is out of whack? Throws the whole workout off, right?). But was I going to let that deter me? NO! Off we went with my trusty stopwatch (my goal was at least 30 minutes with Baby on my back):

:56 (The first time I looked at my watch. That's a pretty clear indication of just HOW out of shape I am.)

1:47 Wow Baby is heavy. 10th percentile my ass!

3:13 We stop for a minute, but only so Baby could wave to his shadow. Really, it wasn't because I was huffing and puffing....

4:58 Change in walk route. I was going to go out of my subdivision, onto the main road and then cut up a BIG HILL to get back home. Instead, I decide to stay in the subdivision. For safety reasons, of course.

6:22 Why didn't I bring a bottle of water? I feel like I can't even make spit.

6:23 Why am I wearing black exercise pants? My legs are schweating.

6:24 Why am I out here doing this?

8:38 Change in position. I grab onto the shoulder straps that are digging into my arms, trying to alleviate some of the massive weight on my back.

9:42 I almost take a digger as Baby cranes his neck to gawk at a wild turkey crossing our path. Yummm, turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes....

12:18 It must be 80 frickin degrees out. Only in New England can it go from 40 to 80 in one day. Grrr....

14:19 I wish I had a water.

16:13 I wish I was already in shape.

18:47 I wish I was home sitting out in the sun.

20:00 Baby, do you want to get down? Mommy will let you walk the rest of the way home, ok?

And then Baby and I proceeded to stroll down the block back towards home. Great workout, huh? At this rate, I'll probably flat-out SINK on the swimming part of the triathlon which will render me incapacitated to perform the other portions of the race (biking and running). Sweet.

For the record, this pic of Baby in the above-mentioned backpack was taken in January 2006. He's MUCH bigger and heavier now. Much.


Blog Antagonist said...

ROFL...that's so me!!

Try WATP by Leslie Sansone. It's in home walking and it's very effective. It looks kind of amateurish, but it will make you sweat I gaurantee. The thing I like about it is that it incorporates some other moves to get your heart rate up, and some toning for upper body as well.

She has 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, 4 mile and 5 mile walks. I skipped 1, now I'm up to 3, which is about 45 mins of very brisk walking. The 4 I can do but don't like, and I hope to purchase the 5 next week. After I conquer the 5 mile walk, Then I'm going to up my cardio a notch. GULP. home walking is much nicer. No weather issues, water right at hand, etc. I love it. In 2005, I took off 60 lbs doing WATP and Pilates.

Good luck with your Triathalon! Maybe I'll be brave enough to try it some day.

Special K ~Toni said...

Yay! Good for you getting out there and DOING IT! Way better than me... I just think about it an get all worn out!

Annie said...

My hat is off to you! I drove past a lady on a bike today with her kid in one of those kiddie seats on the back and I briefly thought I'd get one of those and take my oldest out for a spin every so often to get fit - then I pictured me practically collapsing my lungs riding up a hill with all 35 pounds of her strapped on the back of it? Don't think so lol! So, you're doing a darnsite better than me, good luck with your training.

Amanda said...

That you are even considering a triathalon speaks volumes. Good for you!

Lorilu said...

Thanks for the laugh. I can relate!

k e r r y said...

Are you doing a triathalon? That's why I started running - so I can do a triathalon with my husband. It was a Christmas gift to him from me because he has been asking me to do one with him for years! Good for you! You are doing better than I am though. I can barely make 20 minutes and I don't have a baby on my back! You go girl!

A said...

All of this is exactly why I don't exercise! (Not that I don't need to because I DO but I'm just sayin'!)

Heather said... get points just for hoisting Baby on your back and walking at all!

hot potato said...

thanks for the laugh! you are quite the go getter with the training and all. i don't know how you do it! best of luck.

Cherann said...

I give you an A+ for the effort and good intentions. Me? I get tired just thinking about taking the Laundry out of the dryer.

moodswingingmommy said...

You are cracking me up! Your little cutie looks mighty big enough to me in that pic!

Cate said...

Oh, man! Thanks for the laugh! I needed that!

And hats off to you! The thought of doing a triathalon after 2 kids makes me die a little inside!

Good luck!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

I'm impressed you're even training for a triathalon!!! My idea of a triathalon is to feed the kids while washing the dishes while doing laundry. Not nearly as impressive! I'll be cheering for you as you update us on your progress (and the actual event!)

Sarah said...

Wow. I am awed. I was a gymnast in my youth, and gymnastics apparently spoiled me for life, because every other kind of exercise seems so BORING by comparison.


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