Monday, April 23, 2007

Training Day 1....Really

Not to go all "Rainman" on you (*heh*) but yes, I'm going to write about training for the triathlon again.

Seeing as how the pack-mule training (Baby on my back) didn't quite pan out, I chose another tactic. Early morning wakeup! I actually rose before my alarm this morning (totally dreading pumped for a run), threw on my workout gear that I had ceremoniously laid out on the floor by my bedside last night, brushed my hair (that is in desperate need of some gray coverage highlights) up in a ponytail and set off for a 30 minute run jog trot crawl.

I didn't first glance at my stopwatch until after 1 minute, 51 seconds. Progress from Saturday! And I picked a route in and around the subdivision that was fairly flat, so as not to shoot my wad on the first day and thus render myself crippled for the rest of the year month week.

And here's my oh-so-deep-and-meaningful thoughts from my first morning run:

1. I can see why marathon runners shit themselves. I'm just sayin'. Although they probably don't eat decadent double chocolate cake at a baby shower and then wash it down with wine the night before a marathon...

2. I also see why the runners' legs are stick straight all the way from thigh to ankle. Because chub rub would be a strong deterrent to running 26+ miles straight. Trust me.

3. And am I the only one who gets wigged out and imagines myself in scenes from Silence of the Lambs (I'm envisioning a dilapidated van coming towards me with the anthem "American Girl" playing in the background...) when running at 6am on a deserted road? Are you with me on this?

4. And finally, time to get serious about actually participating in a triathlon. That's 3 events. Running (3 miles): I can manage. Biking (12 miles): Umm..I don't own a bike or any biking gear (as in HELMET or spandex [physical shudder at the thought]). Swimming: I have no place to actually prepare myself for a 1/2 mile swim. Oh, those pesky details! I'm doing it, dammit!


A said...

How long do you have to train before the triathlon? I admire your will power right now because I ain't got it! Plus I'm with ya on the Silence of the Lambs thing. I am a huge 'fraidy cat and I don't care!!!

Special K ~Toni said...

Spandex?? Ewww!

You go girl! You can do this! It's a walk in the park! Go Sarah! Go Sarah!

It is 'supportive friend day', right???

hot potato said...

i used to run about 4-5 days a week back before i had a husband and kids. i totally know what you are talking about with the silence of the lambs-van moving in on you freeky thoughts. sometimes i would go to a track in the back of the local high school and a few times i noticed a brown van parked a bit away....yeah, you guessed it...i turned around and went home. that kind of thing happened a few times that i remember. that was over ten years ago and i have never regretted making those decisions. i probably overreacted, but i don't car.

i think it's part of being female. i don't think you'd find a man listing off the last time he could remember when he made a decision based on his security....but you'd get an answer out of every woman you posed that question to!

good luck with the's pretty cool that you are tracking your training regimen.

Blog Antagonist said...

Chub Rub!! LOL! I never heard that before. But yes, it's a powerful deterrent indeed. I don't walk outdoors. Too much heat, too many bugs, too many hills.

Annie said...

Wherever you get this energy from, you need to bottle it and send some to me!

I need those highlights too! lol!

Jennifer said...

I'm very impressed!

And the Silence of the Lambs thing...yeah, I'm totally scared of Chester Molesters in bitchin' 70's vans.

Heather said...

Again, you get points from me for attempting this. Because I never would.

I'm totally afraid to walk my block because they haven't started construction on the next street & I think the boogey man lives in the woods.

tulipmom said...

I minute, 51 seconds? Yea, that's about 1 minute 50 seconds longer than I could have gone before looking.

You go girl!!

ossy said...

Just came across your blog. I too am attempting to get back in shape. No triathalon, mind you. Just trying to keep up with the kids, without stopping for air every few minutes. Good luck to you.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Chub Rub. Didn't know it had a name, but now I have the best excuse not to exercise! thanks!

k e r r y said...

I have actually started to like to get up at o-dark-thirty to run. It makes me feel proactive and sometimes I can block out the pain because I am really still half asleep for the first 15 minutes!

Awesome training and keep up the posting about it - it's motivating!!

Amanda said...

I am so looking forward to following your journey. I have always wanted to tackle something big like this. You are so courageous and just plain awesome for doing it and for sharing it all with us.

You go, mama!

Marissa said...

Best of Luck in training, keep us posted along the way. Perhaps this will inspire me to loose the "baby weight" too!

Kelly said...

Damn, a triathlon? Count me impressed. Very very impressed. You had me laughing at chub rub, though if you're as fit as it seems, I don't believe it! You'll find some chub rub in this household, though.

And I totally get #3. Paranoid, am I. You'll just know not to help anyone put their couch in a van by being the first one in, right?

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your triathlon post (which I was impressed with, btw). Rather, I loved your comments about baby books. Our agency (foster) required us to keep one when our kids were still considered foster care. Since we finalized their adoptions, I'm fairly certain I never jotted down another word. Thank God for grown-up books, a.k.a. blogging.

Cate said...

Chub rub....ha! I nearly pee'd my pants when I read that!

Congrats on the progress!


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