Monday, April 02, 2007

Why I'm Boycotting Subway

To Mr. Subway and Jared:

Thank you for the "hilarious" new Subway commercial. You know the one where the couple goes through the fast food drive-thru? Well, let me remind you of a little bit of the dialogue. The woman proceeding to order says something to the effect of, "Hold the blubber. I'll have a side of greasy fries and a ba-donka-donk butt."

My 5 year old and 2 year old are now referring to their mother as Ba-donka-donk Butt. Thanks. I will no longer be eating at Subway. My Ba-donka-donk butt and I will be at McDonald's scarfing down greasy fries to numb the pain.
A Pissed Off Mom Who Doesn't Have Ti-Vo To Fast Forward Through Frickin' Commercials


Jennifer said...

Seriously, you don't have Ti-Vo? I'm so sorry. If there's anything i can do...

Funny post!

Heather said...

That's funny. And now I'm laughing at your post while feeling guilty for laughing at the commercial. Oh, and I don't have Tivo either. Must be the last two people on earth w/o it.

Dawn said...

make that 3!

Anonymous said...

Note to self: skip over the Subway commercial when kids are around.

BTW, you've got to get yourself some TiVo. It's great!

ed's girl said...

yah--Kayden says to me the other day "Hey,Big Mama!"--you know me and my current hangups lately--i quickly said "who said that first and don't ever say it again" She said she saw it on Fox and the Hound.


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