Monday, April 02, 2007

Let the Games Begin!

In case you didn't know, today is Opening Day for the Red Sox. Guess what that means for the Trenches? Red Sox Baseball from now until October....yeah, it's a looooooong season.


Danielle said...

3 boys close in age from Boston oh yeah we have things in common.
I wanted to wish you luck in the blog for a year contest.

Will be back for sure

Heather said...

I'll take football over baseball season anytime. Baseball has WAY too many games.

tulipmom said...

Such a cute photo!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pic!!!!

Jennifer said...

Hooray for baseball season! Go Cards!

ADORABLE boyz by the way!

Kelly said...

Those are some cute boys there.

It was opening day for the Phillies, as well, and guess what?

They lost!

(But at least we're used to that sort of thing in the city of Bortherly Love...)

Shell in the City said...

Great picture!! I am sure the boys & Scott are excited about the season!! Although I am a die-hard Yankees fan, my brothers, dad and MA relatives are Sox fans. As you can imagine, we have great conversations during the season..haha!!

ed's girl said...

they are so freakin cute!!!


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