Monday, April 30, 2007

Freeze Tag

Anissa from My View From Five Foot Two and Cheranne from Confessions of a Former Bookworm both tagged me for a game of "Chinese Freeze Tag". Here's how to play: I'll write 10 interesting facts about me and/or habits of mine (the term "interesting" is highly debateable here folks). I'll tag 10 people and no tag backs! Ha! Just like freeze tag! Here goes:

1. I am a chronic nail-biter. My nails usually look like ass...not literally.

2. I'm currently in a self-imposed "extreme makeover" phase. In the month of April, I've had: 3 skin tags snipped off by my dr. with a numbing shot of novacaine and regular old scissors...eeeww removed; a laser treatment on the third eye birthmark on my forehead; a hair cut and color (a much lighter summery shade! and $100 cheaper than the last visit!); a wax; and a pedicure. Sadly, the lipo, tummy tuck and boob job aren't in the budget here in the Trenches.

3. I don't know how to drive a stick shift. I was too stubborn to ever learn. I hate trying to learn something new if I can't be good at it immediately. You just got 3 for the price of 1 here.

4. I was valedictorian of my high school class of 1991. Yeah it was a whopping class size of 70 or so.

5. I have no rhythm nor can I carry a tune. At all. Not a smidge of either.

6. I got caught shoplifting in 8th grade. I was stealing Lee Press-on Nails.

7. I worked at McDonalds the summer before I entered 10th grade. I had a lot of zits that summer.

8. I've never had a broken bone. And I've only had stitches once in my life (not counting 3 c-sections, of course). My best friend and I had just hopped out of the car after arriving at her family's log cabin on the lake. I was going to be staying for a whole week with them. We skipped down to the creek in our flip-flops, I slipped on a rock and cut my shin. 5 stitches and no lake swimming all that week. I remember my friend crying along with me as I was stitched up. Now that's a good friend.

9. I have lived in 4 states: NY, NC, SC and MA.

10. I'm obsessed with I know how to use the strikethrough function ( like this ) on my blog. A few people have asked, so here's how you do it:

Begin typing your post. When you want to cross out words, you go into the "Edit Html" tab and add: left bracket (<) then the letter s, then right bracket (>) before the word or words you want to strike. Then you type left bracket, backslash, the letter s and right bracket to resume regular typing and click back on the "Compose" tab.

I'm not going to tag 10 people, simply out of sheer laziness. I have pictures to post, dancers' bodies to drool over on Dancing with the Stars, I must cheer on Jack Bauer as he saves the world yet again and I (grudgingly) have to be up at 5:40am to jog. SOOO, anyone can play. Tag, you're it!


tulipmom said...

Hey, thanks for the strikethrough how-to. I'll try it out on my next post.

Amanda said...

Nice. Hope the jog went well! I am off to change what sounded like the wettest foulest diaper EVER while my husband continues in his delicious slumber...jerk.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

I've never broken a bone, either. But, yeah, lots of stitches.
Fun list!

Cherann said...

I think I started using the strike through because of you. (it keeps things real).

I don't really know how to drive a stick even though I was taught by an ex in a 90k car. (I think he was trying to impress me)

A said...

Thanks for doing the meme!

I was couldn't stop laughing at #6. The Lee Press on Nails debacle!

Thanks for the strike through lesson I was wondering how in the h*#& you were doing that.

k e r r y said...

#2... my husband sells lasers - as in hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and lipo suctions... do I get ANYTHING free or at a discount??? No. A little lipo here - a little lipo there wouldn't be too expensive I say but... no. nothing. it's a real bummer!

ed's girl said...

OMG--i wouldn't even recognize you after your xtreme makeover--i can't wait to finish babymaking so i can get these freakin' skin tags cut off---where the heck do they come from?!@#--so much to look fwd to...and you lost me on the word-strike thing (am i dumb or just pregnant?--don't answer)--i do love that trick though--do more,more! :)

tinamtl said...

*laughing* at #7 especially.


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