Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Dash of This, A Touch of That

We're going old school. Back to the days of arranged marriages. Friends of ours just had their third baby yesterday. Their third girl. So, Baby's wife was born yesterday!

I'm going to try sushi for the first time ever. Any suggestions? I'll let you know how it goes....

Sorry to keep harping about Rainman Eldest. But he really is. My family tested him all Easter weekend with random birthdates. He knows which day of the week they fall on, off the top of his head. This is scary. Auntie's birthday? Why, that's on a Monday this year. Grandpa's? On Sunday. And we already know that the 4th of July is on Wednesday.

And thanks to my Sis, Eldest discovered a new way to combine his obsession love for both calendars and the Red Sox. She led him to and a list of all the players and....get this, their birthdates! So he spent hours copying players' birthdates onto his (one of sixteen different) calendars.

See why his nickname is Rainman?

Eldest points out Big Papi's birthday on his calendar.


Anonymous said...

Sushi - start with something cooked or partially cooked. Or perhaps even start with just vegetables that seem sushi-ish.

Fish that's somewhat cooked - Unagi. If you want to go all out and try the real deal raw fish, I recommend salmon or tuna - my favorite is Salmon. But it's definitely raw.

And one last note...when I first tried sushi (the raw stuff) I thought it was nasty. But my friends kept going, and I would tag along, and always take a bite, just to see. It took me about 15 bites on different occasions before I finally found I liked it. And now? LOVE IT

Heather said...

Very smart boy! Have you tested him for photographic memory? I'm just throwing that out there because I'm not sure if he's seeing the players birthdays on a bio sheet or something, or if he's seeing any of the birthdays down on paper?

Very interesting! I bet he'll always be at the top of his class!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Sushi - the maki is the rolled stuff; much 'safer' if you're not sure about the raw stuff. Nigiri is the rice balls with the raw stuff on it.

I'd ask the waithelp for suggestions. I'm sure they've heard and seen it all when it comes to customers and their comfort levels. Not all sushi has seafood in it. And trying a bite or two is a great way to start. Enjoy!

Cherann said...

Try Ebi first (fully cooked shrimp) then do spicy tuna rolls (my fave). Tuna is pretty easy especially since most fish lovers have eaten it fairly raw (most of the time it's served seared).

You should be proud of your little rainman. He'll be really good at math.

I forgot to mention that you should drink lots of saki (preferably saki bombs) so you get drunk and your tongue is numb to the texture of raw fish.

Jennifer said...

Wow! He IS smart!

Sushi...I'm only a mere weeks away from having my beloved back.

I personally love anything in the nigiri category (fish on top of rice).

k e r r y said...

You can't go wrong with tuna. I also like crunchy ebi (shrimp) - it is like shrimp tempura sort of with the rice and seaweed. I also LOVE anything with roe (fish eggs) but not if the roe is too big (that has too much "pop" for me) Good luck! If you like it - you'll love it!

A said...

That is really cool your Eldest can do that. Have you tested him with other types of math questions? Is he good at math or does he have an incredible memory?

I can't help you with the Sushi. I haven't had it in a long time and when I did, I didn't like it. But I'm finding as I get older my taste for food keeps changing. So maybe I should give it a try again.

Have a good weekend!

Cate said...

Wow! Rainman is right! That's pretty impressive!

As for the sushi....never tried it! But good luck! You're certainly more brave than I am!

hot potato said...

sushi is my favorite foo to eat! i love most rolls you can have made. things with tuna, eel, crab, or salmon. i agree the the comment above, ask, that is if you can understand the person taking your order. anyway, there are a few rolls that offer cooked fish, but it's all pretty yummy. plus, if i listed my favorite, i wouldn't be sure if that's what the names would be where you are....different names for different folks....or something like that.

first bite....california roll..i think everyone has that one. no fish, just cucumber wrapped in rice.


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