Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Brought to You By Mastercard

Groceries for the Easter weekend visit with family: $100 $50 (because my Mom gave me $50 for food.)

Dinner at Moe's on Saturday night: $27 (takeout for me and my Mom because we ditched all the males and shopped at Wrentham instead.)

Alcohol for Easter weekend: $75 (by about 5pm each night, it was quarter-past Jack, half-past gin, and wine-thirty In the Trenches.)

Having your child proclaim loudly for Grandma and Poppa to hear on Easter morning after you instruct him to go and get Daddy up so we're not late for church that "Daddy was sleeping naked!" (see $75 charge above).....PRICELESS and mortifying.


Hannah Lane said...

Welocome to Moes!!! Love it!

Sisters with Style said...

That is the most hilarious story I think I've read in a long time!!!!!

A said...

How funny! If you want to know the truth ask a child!

Monogram Momma said...


Thanks for the question! I'm working on your answer so check back later this week!

Jennifer said...

don't you just love kids!?

I heart Moe's.

Cherann said...

Ha! Kids are funny. I wonder when they start developing their inner monologues.

My daughter just started realizing that she can smell things...I must remember to not let one go in her sniffing vicinity when I'm trying to impress people. hee hee. :-)

Unknown said...

That's awesome!

Heather said...

Quarter past jack. I love it! I am so gonna steal that saying from you and use it.

Great post!

Mimi said...

LOL! That's so funny! We were invited to a friend's house once in the evening and she said to my oldest, "You can come in your PJ's!" and he said, "Well my dad will come with clothes on because he doesn't have any PJ's."


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