Friday, March 23, 2007

Whole Lotta Nuthin'

I just have a bunch of randomness to blog about today:

  • Eldest was looking through some sort of National Geographic pamphlet about tigers and I heard him explaining to Middle that the tiger was eating the "canteloupe". Yeah, it was an antelope.
  • Why does Fergie Ferg feel it necessary to SPELL in every one of her songs?
  • I have a big zit on my face. Like a goiter. I'm doing an expert job in my attempts to cover it with makeup, but I'm sure nobody's buying it. Just like with my birthmark, I find that people are now having conversations with my zit.
  • Middle got into preschool! He'll go Tuesday and Friday mornings in the fall. Plus, Eldest will be in full day kindergarten. Guess which 2 days of the week I WON'T be working?? You got it, Tuesdays and Fridays!
  • Started (yet another) diet this week in honor of Spring. I'm counting calories again and am trying to not go over 1,200 a day. So far, so good. I'm abstaining from any and all Easter candy. Because I have no willpower and can't limit myself to just one bag a handful of Starburst jellybeans.
  • With our tax return money, we are putting in a new kitchen floor (don't get excited, it's just new linoleum to tide us over until we can completely gut the kitchen/dining room and like 10 more years). We are also painting the kitchen (Benjamin Moore Somerset [or is it Summerville?] Red) and are carpeting our master bedroom (to rid it of the original offensive turquoise color that's been in there since we moved in 5 years ago). Anyways, I picked out both the linoleum and carpeting like 4 WEEKS AGO. And it hasn't even been ORDERED yet. We're waiting for our installation guy to come measure first. Yes, we have a "guy". And he'll even do the linoleum as well. So he's kinda got us by the balls because we're at his mercy. But I'm not happy about it.
  • Every week that I watch Lost I just get more confused. I have NO CLUE as to what the whole thing means. When someone finds out that I'm a fellow watcher and asks me what my theory is, my typical response is, "'s a dream?"
  • Ok, so I may be Chester the Molester or Merve the it so wrong of me to think that my nanny's 16-year old son is hot? I was with Eldest and Baby in Wal-Mart and all of a sudden this cute kid starts walking towards us and waving. I got all excited until I realized he didn't want to talk to me, he just wanted to high-five the boyz. Drats. And then when I proceeded to gush to Hubby afterwards about how good-looking the fine young man was, Hubby just rolled his eyes. A lot.
  • Eldest is all excited because the movie "TMNT" (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) opens today in theaters and he's fascinated by the previews. Except he thinks that the movie is playing at 3:23 (as in p.m.) because the previews state that it's starting on 3/23.
  • I was taking a sip of my soda in the car today and Eldest yelled from the way-back, "Mom! No drinking and driving!" So I asked him where he had heard about drinking and driving and he told me that "Someone on the A's (as in Oakland Athletics) got busted for it." Instead of trying to explain the concept of alcohol and its uses and abuses to a 5 year old, I simply just put my Diet Coke down. It was so much the easier thing to do.

Soon to come: a killer blog post about Mothers Who Hover....are you one?


Shell in the City said...

Love the drinking & driving comment of are so observant!!

Jennifer said...

Good luck with your diet...stay away from those starburst jelly beans!

Canteloupe! Ha, ha!

I told my mom not to drink and drive when I was was just pepsi.

hot potato said...

great post--so entertaining and full of fun facts. yes, even though try to comment often, i do get into spells of just hovering. i think it's a time thing. i could find myself spending hours either commenting or reading or both. so i pick my poison. it's got to be one or the other sometimes. i am looking forward to reading your "mothers who hover" post. have a great weekend!

say hello to scott for me=0)


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