Thursday, March 22, 2007


Anybody want a vacuum? I HATE mine. You see, I've always been an upright girl. My neighbor, who happens to own a vacuum shop, talked Hubby and I into an embarrassingly expensive German cannister vac, after our sturdy, dependable Kenmore upright bit the dust. We rationalized the cost by saying, "Hey, we're just being super neighbors!" Right....right....And now, I'm so not a fan of my Sebo K-3.

But wait. I must take you back in time so that you can fully comprehend the entire (annoying) situation: When I was pregnant with Middle, Hubby and I decided to (finally) get rid of the hideous pink lovely rose colored carpeting in our living room. I had my heart set on a cornflower blue color, but we got swindled persuaded by Mr. Empire Carpet to instead choose a navy blue color. And guess what? Children and navy blue carpeting DO NOT MIX. Although yes, the dark blue carpet does hide the occasional (who am I kidding? I mean FREQUENT) juice spills, it does not, however, in any way camoflauge crumbs or dirt or anything else that accumulates on one's (meaning my) floors during the day. My stupid Sebo cannister vac just isn't cuttin' it. And I'm pissed.

So I guess I'll just continue to gaze longingly at the simple $100 upright vacs in the fliers...and curse my stupidity for succumbing to the lure of the overpriced and overrated Sebo canister vac.


Heather said...

I'm an upright bitch too.

Jen!! said...

Dude, I agree those canister vac SUCK. They are so bulky and annoying.


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