Monday, March 12, 2007

Thanks, Sis!

[Letter from Sarah's Youngest Brother (age 22)]*

*Not really, but this is what I imagine he would write:

Dear Oldest Sister:

Thank you for letting me come stay with you In the Trenches this weekend. I really appreciate that you did 3 loads of my scuzzy college laundry for me (and I'm sorry that they stunk like stale beer). And for ironing my shirts. And for baking me cookies to take back to college with me. And for feeding me home-cooked meals of steak and chicken and eggplant parm.

I'm sorry that I introduced your Hubby to my friend Jack Daniel. But he really needed to branch out from that boring Bombay Sapphire. And if it can be "Wine Thirty" for you, don't you think it's only fair that it can be "Quarter Past Jack" as well?

And I'm sorry that I wore my shirt that said "I Heart Boobs". I didn't realize that my nephew Eldest was reading now. Although you have to admit, it was funny that he thought it said "I love Bobs".

See you at Easter for more fun and mayhem!
Your Baby Brother Dan


tulipmom said...

I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have such a fabulous sister.

ed's girl said...

i love how your blog always has the power to give me a good laugh!
little brother still doesn't have a clue--you WILL get the LAST laugh someday, i promise! :0)

Amanda said...

You know what? You just made my day. Sitting here in upstate NY living a bad Monday on a Tuesday I sent out a post about my funk, left to get a cup of coffee to see if the caffeine could shoo the grumps away and returned to find a comment form someone who gets just can't know how great that was. And then, to come here, and find your brother and the boobs shirt. Wine thirty. Quarter past jack. Thanks for bailing me out of my trench and letting me enjoy a bit of your mayhem.

I hope you have a great day!


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