Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Happiness

Happiness Is...Staying in your pj's until 1pm and then only changing to put on "comfy clothes" for the rest of the day (only because Hubby and Eldest went to (Great-Great) Grandma Theresa's church where she was honored for her 105th birthday and spoke to the congregation. Mommy chose not to attend with Middle and Baby, as the staunch conservative Dutchmen in that particular congregation tend to frown upon children making any sort of noise whatsoever during the sermon, yet don't provide childcare for children under 3 years of age.)

Happiness Is...Taking a "rest" (okay, dammit, I really did SLEEP, drool and all...) from 2:30 to 4:30 while watching bad TV (Rockstar Daughters True Hollywood Story on VH1) while all 3 boyz napped, and then played downstairs in Mantown with Hubby.

Happiness Is...letting the boyz help make homemade pizza for dinner and seeing their joy over something they've created themselves. Of course, Eldest performed his assigned tasks perfectly, Middle clumped mozzarella cheese in one, and only one, particular spot, and Baby squirted pizza sauce all over everything except for the dough...

Happiness Is...baking brownies (from a box, naturally) with the boyz (I was feeling quite generous (AND patient). Help with pizza AND brownies...all in one day...a rare occurrence) and allowing them to pour the water (harmless), oil (onto their hands and then) into the bowl and crack the eggs (what's the harm of a few eggshells?). Unhappiness Is not having a digital camera to record the memories of the messy faces (and hands, and shirts...) of Middle and Baby after letting them go to town on the brownie bowl.

Happiness Is...seeing the joy on Eldest's face as he beat his parents twice each in air hockey, with both of them actually TRYING LIKE HELL to beat him unsuccessfully. Where does a 5-year old learn how to trash talk???

Happiness Is...daydreaming to Hubby (as all 3 boyz are bathed and in their pj's smelling of the sweet, hypnotic scent of Johnson & Johnson lavendar shampoo) about what it would be like In the Trenches with a little girl. Unhappiness Is...having Hubby respond, "Maybe you shouldn't drink so much wine on Sunday."

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Jennifer said...

Great post. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :)!


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