Thursday, March 08, 2007

Patience Is A Virtue

Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurrrrrr-eyyyyy. Hubby likes to sing this annoying little diddy to me whenever I get aggravated and lose my cool in front of him. Since becoming a Mommy, my patience quota has had to increase tenfold, if only for the sake of my own sanity. Unfortunately, I now see a lot of this characteristic (or character flaw?) of mine in Eldest.

Eldest hates to try new things, for fear he won’t master the task immediately. And he becomes frustrated (i.e., loses his patience) rather quickly. He even makes the same annoyed grunting sound that I do when I’m at wit’s end. It’s seriously like looking in a mirror.

So of course whenever I’m in a hurry to get somewhere, I end up (cursing and) driving (with white knuckles clenched on my steering wheel) behind an elderly person in their 1993 Cutlass Sierra driving 10 mph below the speed limit;

And at the grocery store, I try to play the “line game” and inevitably choose the lane with a slow cashier AND a customer who is 1. using coupons and 2. paying with an actual paper check;

And in the toll lanes on the Mass Pike, I end up in the lane where someone in front of me either 1. has no money or 2. feels compelled to ask for directions;

And at Wal-Mart or Target, you’ll find me in line behind the person who is either 1. disagreeing on the price of a product or 2. is buying something that doesn’t ring up, in which case a slow, ambling teenager who could give a rat’s ass is sent to roam the store in search of the product and its correct price.

Ahhh, but yesterday, the tables were turned! I was that person. The One Who Held Up An Entire Express Check-Out Lane at the Grocery Store. I ran into Stop & Shop on my way home from work to buy Reese miniature peanut butter cups to make brownie cupcakes for work. While perusing the candy aisle, I noticed Starburst jellybeans on sale for $1.99 (and started to salivate). I knew that I had $5 cash in my wallet, so I had just enough to buy both bags of candy. Wiped the drool from my chin, got to the front of the line, and (of course) the Starburst rang up (incorrectly) at $2.49. Pointed this out to cashier, who in turn called for said ambling dim-witted teenager (see above) to find out if I was indeed telling the truth, or simply trying to con Stop & Shop out of 50 whole cents. And proceeded to hold up the rest of the line, while we all stood there awkwardly and waited (and I definitely received a few glares from down the line).

Now, I was in a hurry too. To get home and watch American Idol...ummm...I mean, spend quality time with my boyz. As I type this, I realize it was obnoxious of me to not say screw it, just give me the Reeses and then get my (big) butt out of there and let everyone else continue on with their lives. But dammit, it was Starburst jellybeans. You know? Maybe I should have started a sing-along in the checkout line and had everyone join in as we stood there waiting….

“Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurrrrrr---eyyy.”

Please give me your vote here at Top Momma and I'll give you some jellybeans! Or do you want a fabulous brownie cupcake instead?


Jennifer said...

I'll take the fabulous brownie cupcake. Thanks!

Mmm, that was yummy.

Sisters with Style said...

Mmmmm, gotta love those starburst jelly beans--they are my favorite!!!

Unknown said...

Just so you know, I was the lucky person in the slowest line at the grocery store with the store manager at check out who kept leaving her register to help out other cashiers who were helping people who got in line after me.

And about patience, I was told that having children would bring some to me. I have found that I have more patience with my son but even less patience with the rest of my world!


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