Friday, March 30, 2007

No Habla Ingles

Man, teaching Eldest to read and write has been a challenge. The kid asks great questions....these are his latest:

Eldest: "Mom! Caillou has 2 L's in his name. Why don't I hear the L sound?"

Eldest: "Jew-lio Lugo is on the Red Sox."
Mommy: "No buddy, it's pronounced Who-lio."
Eldest: "But it starts with a J!"

Eldest: "I just thought of another SH word Mommy!" (That's his latest obsession. Thinking of all the words in the entire English language with SH. Hmm...there's another one...English..I'll have to remember that one for him...)
Mommy: "Great. What is it?"
Eldest: "Chicago."
Mommy: "Actually, Chicago is a CH word."
Eldest: (saying the word Chicago over and over again) "No, I'm pretty sure it's an SH word, Mom."
Mommy: (not ready to argue with a 5yr old) "Ok. Why don't you go play air hockey with your brother now?"

And not related to spelling:

Eldest: "Mom, what are fireworks?"
Mommy: "They're the sparks up in the sky on the 4th of July. Remember, we saw them last year?"
Eldest: "Yeah, 4th of July is on a Wednesday this year. And it's also my friend Lucas' half birthday."
Mommy: (stunned by the sheer Rainman-ness of these statements) "Umm...GREAT."


Jennifer said...

No wonder children have such a hard time learning to read!

Heather said...

That is funny! And I can totally relate to the randomness of questions and the changing of subjects when they insist they are right (but are obviously wrong.)

ed's girl said...

that's b/c his mommy was, he-hum drumroll please, Valedictorian!!! Can she say "RainWoman"--another interesting fact about Sarah :)HE's a smart cookie!

Anonymous said...

Just last year I was in the same situation with my son. He was in kindergarten and I was so certain that he would never learn to read. It was such a struggle. Come to find out I was more worried about it then I should of been. This year he is in first grade and can read books that are meant for second and third graders. Believe me when I say it will come. He will learn how to read, I promise! My son can read now but spelling is a whole other issue. With words not spelled at all like they sound. Ugh, so frustrating!! LOL! The english language really is not an easy language to learn! Hang in there!!


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