Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Top Momma Phrases (Hint: Vote For Me!)

First, the ever-popular phrases that I know I'm not alone in screaming uttering at least 100 times a day:
"Take turns!"
"Get down!"
"Leave your brother alone!"

And mostly for Baby (our resident seagull who loves to lurk where there may be a promise of food...):
"Get out. The kitchen is closed!"

I seem to always be repeating myself over and over again steadfastly working on the boyz' communication skills here In the Trenches:
"Can I hear a manner word?"
"Use your words"
"I can't understand you when you're whining" followed by
"Talk like a big boy, please" or "I'm waiting to hear your big boy voice" (Middle is our resident whiner)
"That's not a nice word" (The boyz' favorite "not nice words" are currently: stupid, dummy, balls, poop, and pretty much any sort of bodily function)
"No backtalk!"
"That's not being a good listener" or "Open your listening ears"

Famous punishment phrases: "That's strike one..." (usually) followed shortly thereafter by, "That's strike two" with the follow-up, "One more strike and you're in time-out." And then, of course, "Strike three. You're in timeout Mister. Go sit on the steps until the microwave dings."

So we make it through the day. It's wine thirty bedtime!
"Last one up the stairs is a poo-poo platter!"
"Did you kiss your Mother today?"
"Are you my best Big/Middle/Little boy?"
"Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bunkbed bugs bite."


Summer said...

That is so me during the day. I am always telling the kids the same thing you are. It drives me crazy.. One day I would just like one day without the kids fighting or arguing.

Jennifer said...

Bedtime is the best part of the day. The earlier the better!

Kelly said...

So I'm not the only one who looks forward to bedtime?

(Love the 'wine thirty.')


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