Thursday, March 15, 2007

Idol...and Then Idle...Chitchat--Volume II

I can't believe "Mangina" didn't get kicked off Idol last night! I guess people really do take this website somewhat seriously! [SIDEBAR: Speaking of voting (Hey! But not worst!), please vote for me on Top Momma today!)

I don't think we'll be seeing Melinda DoLittle wearing a necklace this season....neck being the key word here.

And is it just me, or did Diana Ross sound really drunk crappy last night?

Feeling quite sleep-deprived. (Thankfully, I'm at work and not at home where I can't rest. This paralegal job is infinitely easier than this mothering gig.) Baby has decided that sleep is now overrated. Not quite sure if it's the time change affecting him, or perhaps teething, or perhaps another ear infection, or is there, perhaps, a full moon?

This morning on my way to work, I saw a woman walking a big, black, poodle-looking dog wearing full raingear (for some reason I'm liking the italics this morning....) Yep, he had a yellow rain slicker and rain hat. Children, I get [Sidebar: For some reason, my Sis HATES it when people refer to their offspring as "kids". Drives her (more) batty. She prefers the much more refined word "children", so she now has me brainwashed]. Rain=raingear (i.e., cute slicker, hat and boots). But a freakin' dog??? C'mon!

This weekend, Hubby was outside grilling steak, my Brother and Eldest were playing baseball, and I was indoors enjoying wine thirty reading my book while Middle and Baby were in the dining room, anxiously awaiting dinner. My Brother happened to notice the two of them through the window as he was outside and indicated to Hubby that "there must be a wild party inside because your boyz are hanging from the chandelier." So Hubby came into the house and said to me, "Ummm...could you take a look in the dining room please?" Seems Middle and Baby (who were being quiet and thus should have been arousing my suspicions, but hey, my wine book was good!) were both STANDING on the dining room table, attempting to SWING from the light fixture, and an entire stack of napkins had been strewn all over the room. Hubby sternly reprimanded them to GET DOWN AND KNOCK IT OFF and then questioned Middle, "Now why would you do that?" His response? "Cuz I two."

I think tonight is going to be the night I start drafting my first entry for Top Blog Mag. I'm truly enjoying these writing experiences. I never thought of myself as a "writer" until I began blogging....all the validation from other people commenting on or about this here little blog helps me reaffirm that this is something I'm going to continue doing. Now, if I could only get paid for it.....right Hubby??


ed's girl said...

Go for the writing career--you are great at it! :) I saw a huge poodle dyed PINK at my last walk for the cure--i was shocked!
p.s.i love reading playgroups aren't for children--she's a trip!

Jennifer said...

Don't be jealous, but I've made 53 cents on my google adds in only 1 month! I'm getting rich!!!!

Heather said...

I'm liking italics too. And your blog.

A chandelier, huh? Boys. Nuff said.

Watch out for that Jennifer girl. I noticed .53 cents missing from my wallet the other day after lunch.

Hannah Lane said...

I can't believe mangina is still on there either! Who is voting for him? I almost feel bad for him, b/c I think he feels like he should get kicked off- but yet never does. He sings so quietly.

Unknown said...

I know where you are coming from on so many levels. Work is so much easier that staying home with the kids, but I wish that guilt of leaving them would go away. Keep up your great posts, you are bound to make money from it sooner than later!


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