Wednesday, March 28, 2007

5 Random Questions

Fellow New Englander Chicky Chicky Baby sent me these random questions to answer on my blog (as a much needed diversion while I continue to try to hack out a post on "hovering mothers"--a topic that's been on my mind lately.)

1. Every New England sports team was wiped off the face of the earth, the Big Dig was finally completed, traffic is pretty light and the weather is perfect... As a New Englander, what else do you complain about? Since Hubby and I moved here after living in both Charlotte, NC, and Charleston, SC, I'm definitely gonna gripe about the real estate market in Boston and its suburbs. Can you say unrealistic and unaffordable? Every once in awhile we get the itch to venture south again and looking at really whets our appetites. But it's one of those catch-22s where the "grass is always greener". Then reality sets in and we know we're pretty much here for good. Better educational systems, near both sets of families, strong network of friends, blah blah blah....

2. Dog person or Cat person? Umm....neither. I grew up without a pet and feel no urge to have one in my own household today. And although people tell me that that may change as the boyz get older, my response is, "If there ever is an animal allowed In the Trenches, get the straitjacket, because that means I've lost it. They've pushed me over the edge." Taking care of these boyz is plenty enough for me.

3. If you could only listen to one artist or band for the rest of your life who would you pick? Good question! I'm very random with my musical tastes but tend to lean more toward my college listening days. That being said, I'll go with Dave Matthews Band.

4. If money, time and help was no object would you have more kids? Easily. I'd keep trying until I got my little girl named Lydia. I wonder how many boyz I'd actually end up having first, since I'm convinced that Hubby's genes do not produce females. He's one of 2 boys, and his brother also has 2 boys. So there are no female granddaughters on Hubby's side, much to my in-laws' chagrin.

5. What's your favorite word? Actually, my favorite word is "actually". Apparently I say this alot, as I've noticed that both Eldest and Middle pepper their sentences with this word. Have you ever heard a 2 year old begin his sentence with "Actually, I'll have orange juice."?? Cutest thing ever.

Thanks, Chicky. That was fun! Now if you want Moi to ask you 5 questions to answer on your blog...not promising they won't be intrusive, wacky or just plain dumb....leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll rack my brain. Actually.


Special K ~Toni said...

Awesome! I just put mine up (got my questions from Jennifer) - I use to live in Charleston too!

Go for a fish! Technically still a pet! They will ask/beg/plead/ bargain/cry! You will cave. I did. I have a dog. That I take care of. Not them. Me.

tulipmom said...

My son uses the word "actually" all the time too. Bet you can guess where he learned it :)

Jennifer said...

Man, your questions were waaaaaaaay better than the ones I came up with.

Actually, I love your answers.

Actually, I would love to visit Charleston.

Actually, I don't want pets for a LONG time when the ones I have go to doggy heaven.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

You have every right to complain about the real estate prices. They're totally ridiculous for what you get.

Great answers! Thanks for participating.

P in VT said...

All boy grandchildren. There are 19 grandkids on one side of my family... only 4 are boys. :)

love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I actually remember your heavy use of the word, and our heavy ragging on you for it. Not to mention DMB, who I've seen about 15 times. I'm touched you still remember them.


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