Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hubby and I are really having to watch what we say in front of the boyz, especially Eldest. He's so inquisitive and contemplative (nice Mommy words for NOSY) that he picks up on EVERYTHING. The other day, he asked Hubby, "How do you spell dam?" Hubby was like, "You mean like what a beaver builds? D-A-M." And Eldest replied, "No, I mean like what you say after you slip and almost fall on the ice...." (which I had indavertently muttered while "exploring" with him in the woods this weekend). Busted.

Last night at the dinner table, I was relaying to Hubby the details of our playdate that afternoon. I was laughingly telling him about how Middle had attempted to put his underwear back on after peeing on the potty and had stuck both his legs into one leg of his underwear so that his little pee pee was all squished and hanging out the side. Of course I immediately had to parade him out of the bathroom to show all the mommies, "Look everyone! Middle put his own undies back on...didn't he do a great job?" Everyone was dying laughing but was trying to encourage Middle at the same time that indeed, he had done a GREAT job. So the word I used to describe the squished appendage was "bubble gum" (because you know that's what it looks like) at the dinner table. Eldest piped up, "What's bubble gum, Mom?" and to throw him off track (yeah right) I said, "Bubble gum like you chew, silly!" but Eldest was not to be fooled. His response, "You mean his balls?" Crap, busted again.


Jennifer said...

HA!!!! I am definitely laughing! We need to start watching our language, too. This is great motivation!

kristi said...

HAHA! Reminds me of that scene in "Something About Mary"


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