Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update from Oscar Night

Is there such a thing as drunk blogging? (Drogging? Blunking?) Because I was. (Please note: this was after Baby finally went to bed for good!)

Turns out, Baby had trouble settling down due to some sort of stomach problem. He had an explosion (to put it mildly) in his diaper. When Hubby went to get him yesterday morning, this is the conversation that ensued (as I lay in bed and eavesdropped):

Hubby: "Phew, it stinks in here. Did you throw up buddy? Ohhh, no you didn't throw up....phew. Let's get you changed."

(Sounds of gagging.)

Hubby: "Oh poor Baby. Whew, this is gross. Wow, buddy, you sure had a bellyache huh?"

(More gagging sounds, as I try to muffle giggles in my pillow.)

Fun times.

And I take back what I said about Naomi Watts. I didn't realize she was preggo. If only we all could look so fabulous knocked up.

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