Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Those Days (Daze) Are Gone

It seems like such a long time ago that I had a child transitioning from baby foods to solids. Mind you, I was letting Baby gum on potato chips at 10 months old, so I may not be the most cautious Mommy out there.....But the memories all came flooding back when I spoke with my close friend in Colorado about her 8 month old, Megan. I felt like a seasoned veteran as I gave her advice on what solids would be okay for Megan to begin with: Cheerios, baby yogurt, frozen bagels for teething, goldfish, smushed veggies, smushed bananas, whole grapes, chunks of hot dog....KIDDING FOLKS! Just checking to see if you were paying attention....

Anyway, hearing my Friend's uncertainty (on not only what to feed Megan, but also how to deal with her not sleeping through the night) coming through the phone line just reaffirmed my sense of relief that I'm past all of that with my 3 boyz. I realize that I still have many many MANY more years of different issues to endure, but I'm completely content that I'm done with the whole newborn stage. I like the fact that my boyz can USE THEIR WORDS to express to me what they need, want or desire.*

*Disclaimer: while Baby may still not be using his "words", per se, he manages to convey to anyone and everyone what he wants, using his very own language of grunts and finger pointing. Half the time, I fully expect to hear him start making those clicking noises, like those members of ancient tribes in New Guinea or something. You know, the ones you see in National Geographic wearing nothing but loincloths with piercings through their noses? Yep, that's my Baby.

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