Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Night

Question I'm pondering:
Is Old Navy clothing becoming "younger", or am I just getting OLD? Met a friend for some shopping on Tuesday night before seeing Dreamgirls (fabulous! Jennifer Hudson deserves the Oscar. Beyonce is beautiful, but just doesn't have the acting chops...but I digress...) Anyways, the new spring styles in Old Navy are Everything is sooooo retro, and made for tall, thin, beanpole, trendy teenagers. I kept having flashbacks of myself in junior high, sporting the perm, blueish-pinkish tinted coke-bottle glasses, braces on my teeth, AND WEARING THOSE CLOTHES! The Gap wasn't that much better; plus I can't afford $60 pants.

Before the movie, as we were leaving Chili's restaurant, we walked past 5 NUNS in full nun gear(they each looked to be about 100 years old) waiting for a table....Now that's not something you see everyday. I had to supress the urge to do the sign of the cross and/or genuflect as I passed them. Those old Catholic habits (heh heh) die hard. Ok, where did they come from? Is there a monastery near Bellingham, MA? And why Chili's, for God's (heh heh) sake?? Did they all of a sudden have a craving for those baby back baby back baby back ribs??

Didn't that last guy singer on Idol last night need some HAIR?? He'd be so much better looking.

Can someone please kidnap Britney and lock her in rehab and throw away the key?

Anna Nicole's mom is a money-grubbing publicity whore. Go back to Texas already lady and let your daughter rest in peace.

What's with the skinny jeans the girls are wearing on Idol tonight? I should've kept my favorite pairs of Zena and Jordache (frosted with gold buttons down the ankle) from high school. Apparently they're back in style.

My friend sent me an e-mail with details of the July 29th triathlon I'm going to attempt. When I read the e-mail, I felt like throwing up. Is that some sort of sign?


Shell in the City said...

Amen to everything in your e-mail. The 80s really are back in all of the stores..somehow the clothes just aren't the same as the originals. Britney - there are no words for her. I guess she is not worried about custody of her kids!! Thanks for the laughs..I sure needed them!

hot potato said...

thanks for the laughs tonight! so weird about the nuns, that is crazy! and of all places...chilli'

i love the changes to your blog as of late. you are very creative and original.

good luck training for the triathalon. my hat's off to you.

as far as your take on the skinny jeans....just wait till those girls who fit in them have babies of their own. whatever. it was a bad style move to begin with, why'd they have to bring it back?

Jennifer said...

How odd to see a group of Nuns out like that?!

I agree about Anna Nicole's mother.

Skinny jeans are hideous. Even on people who CAN wear them.

A triatholon? Wow. Good luck!!!

Sisters with Style said...

I'm with you about Britney--it's really sad and I feel terribly sorry for her children!


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