Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sarah At the Oscars 2007

I've got my bottle of St. Francis Chardonnay opened (gift from Sis and New Hubby from their honeymoon in Sonoma)...and oops....halfway gone (already?). Must be that damn "It's Wine Thirty" goblet. Gets me (drunk) every time.
My Oscar ensemble? Shirt by Gap, sport bra by Old Navy, workout pants by Nike. As for jewels? Tiffany earrings. Does that make me legit?
Watching E channel right now and will switch between ABC and Amazing Race until the Oscars officially start at 8:30. Every time the Oscars are on, I cannot help but think of the year 1999, when they were on in was the Sunday after my bachelorette party. I spent the entire morning sprawled on my bathroom floor with my head in the toilet (my girlfriends were so kind to preserve the memories for me and took a picture of me in the act of puking with a little toy PENIS propped on the edge of the toilet bowl--because they're fun like that). I eventually got some grease in me in the form of McD's (naturally), and proceeded to spend the ENTIRE DAY in my pj's and in bed(s)...mine and my friend Christy's. It was such a lazy hangover day. The kind I could never afford to have now..
So I'll just polish off this (teeny, really) bottle of wine....and then drink about a gallon of water, eat the Starburst jellybeans I have been hoarding from the boyz, and will enjoy Oscar Night 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, now you HAVE to post that picture!!


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