Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pahk the Cah in the Yahd

I grew up in southwest New York state (on the border of Pennsylvania). Everyone from there has an "upstate twang". Like, soda is "pop", but it sounds like "pahhhp", and water sounds like "wahhhter" with the twang. After being away at college for 4 years, and then moving south after that for an additional 4 years, I've definitely lost the upstate NY accent. (That is, except for when I drink--it tends to slip out and Hubby promptly and without fail makes fun of me.)

On the other hand, Hubby has the typical Boston accent. Both his parents have really thick ones. Hubby's father's name is George, but when his mom says it, it sounds like "Jahge". And she lets the boyz watch "Bah-knee" (the purple dinosaur).

So I guess it wasn't surprising that when Eldest was reciting the months of the year, I overheard him saying, "January, February, Mahch...." But I couldn't help myself. I corrected him and made him say March with an R! I suppose I'm fighting a losing battle. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope that all 3 boyz go to "Hah-vahd".

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Jennifer said...

I have a thing for accents and words only heard in certain parts of the country. My favorite here in the Deep South is "buggy", you know the thing that you put all your groceries in at the grocery store.


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