Friday, February 16, 2007

Overheard in the Trenches

I was putting Middle on the potty to sit and he demanded, "Momma, close da door! I want my privacy." Yes, he knows that word, because it's one I use with regularity as all 3 of the boyz tend to barge in on Mommy in the bathroom. Never fail. So as I was shutting the door for him, I suggested to him that he could maybe sing, or just "think about nice things." No way I'd give him a book, as he cannot multi-task (kinda like his father). His response, "Ok, I'll think about Jesus."
Um...ok Middle, you do that.

Today in the car, Eldest piped up from the back seat, "Mom, Lucas (his preschool buddy) is soooo lucky!". I said, "Yeah? Why?" and he responded, "Because he has 3 doors in his garage."
Um...ok Eldest. That's TOTALLY something to be jealous of.

Me: "Yay!" (clapping hands) I opened my birthday package from my Friend in Florida. She sent me a silly card, a book about triathlons (gulp) and a CHAMPION jog bra. I'm most excited about the bra, because you know having to clothe 3 boyz, Mommy can only afford to wear Wal-Mart sport bras these days. My boobies thank you, Christy.

Me: (Yesterday) Blarghhhhhhhh......cough...spit....heave.....I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday in bed except for having to dash to the bathroom to puke and you-know-what. Yep, I managed to catch the stomach virus that both Eldest and Baby had earlier this week. It literally HURT to lift my head. I felt like I got hit by a (mack) truck.

Me: "Yay!" (this time a fist pump ala Tiger Woods style) I checked my e-mail this morning and it seems Mr. Radisson felt sorry for me and gave me a free overnight stay in Boston to compensate for my pain and suffering in the broken Sleep Number Bed this past weekend. Sometimes it does pay to be a bee-yotch.

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