Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our Foray Into Boston For the Night...

turned out to be a great time, but if you had asked me oh, about 2:00pm on Saturday, I would've said, nah, we're not even going.

Hubby and I obtained our freedom at noon on Saturday. The older two were dropped off at Grandma's without even a backwards glance, while Baby was safe at home with my (very own) "Manny" (aka Sis's Husband) and my Niece. (We decided that for this trip, we would divide and conquer, rather than strap our unsuspecting family members (who are now quite suspecting) with all 3 at once.)

In an attempt to taunt me, Hubby wanted to stop and look at cameras at Circuit City in Natick. But not buy one, oh no, because, remember, I shot my wad on a $200 haircut the day before...So we finished perusing in Circuit City and lo and behold, the SUV wouldn't start. It didn't even make so much as a click when Hubby turned the key. After an hour (and lots of profanity), the AAA man came and gave us a jump-start, ensuring us that it was definitely the battery, and that as long as we ran the car for 20 minutes, we'd be okay. On to Boston!

We drove right to our
hotel and parked at the valet stand, and areyoukiddingme??? It wouldn't start back up again. The kind valet gave Hubby a(nother) jump (that sounds so wrong, doesn't it??) and Hubby then schlepped an hour BACK HOME to drop the SUV off at the mechanic's and to bring vehicle #2 back into Boston. As for me? Well, I wouldn't want to NOT get our money's worth on our hotel stay, right? So I headed to the hotel bar, had myself a bowl of chowdah and a few beehs and went back to the room to watch bad TV on the highly-touted (by Radisson) "Sleep Number Bed" (more on that later).

Oh, and in the meantime? Eldest was home with Grandma PUKING. He ralphed in their car (but managed to contain it in his hands and all over himself--poor buddy), and then an additional 4 more times that day. So on top of the car trouble, we were stressed about Eldest's health and whether we were being "bad" parents for not staying home.

Ok, so the alcohol erased all those doubts. Dinner was
here and we had tickets to see this guy. (side-splitting hilarious!) And then we painted the town red until 2am. Rock on!

So back to the frigging Sleep Number bed. A good idea, in theory, if they WORK! Seems our remote was broken. Cut to bedtime (passout time?) Hubby's side was on the softest setting; mine was on the firmest. Therefore, I slept (so what if it was a beer-induced coma and not actual sleep...) on what felt like a slab of wood (get your minds out of the gutter please). And do you think Hubby would switch sides with me? No way--he's going to hold his grudge over the cost of my hairstyle for years to come and bring it up whenever it suits him. ("So will you switch sides of the bed with me dear?" "No...You're the one who spent $200 on her hair...therefore, you must SUFFER!") Here's my rant....as a mother of 3 who RARELY spends a night away from her boyz...when I do managed to break free for a night...I want a SPECTACULAR sleep. I want a peaceful and comfortable hotel stay. Is that too much to ask, Mr. Radisson with your stupid-ass Sleep Number beds??

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