Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Oscar Commentary 2007

8:43 (so much for the commentary...) Baby wakes up crying. I (immediately) dose him with Infant Tylenol and snuggle with him.

8:55 I see the New Yorker meatheads get kicked off Amazing Race and pass Baby to Hubby.

8:56 Will Farrell has a legit afro.

8:57 I've somehow managed to polish off a 1/2 bag of Smartfood popcorn.

8:59 The best girl singer got kicked off Grease??

9:02 Cate Blanchett in her fancy glittery dress is chewing gum!

9:04 Jack is BALD!! (yet still wearing his signature shades.)

9:09 Hubby tries to put Baby back to bed. He's not having any part of it.

9:11 Baby is screaming. He obviously doesn't realize it's Oscar night.

9:14 I turn off monitor in living room and trudge upstairs but Hubby's "got it under control" (his words).

9:15 I can't get over how much my new brother-in-law looks like Steve Carell.

9:16 Baby is STILL screaming upstairs....

9:31 Oooh.. a Beauty and the Geek recap is on! (as now I'm rocking much for Hubby being "in control".)

9:36 Tag team--Baby back to Hubby. And I can pee now...because Al Gore is on.

9:43 I would KILL for Cameron Diaz's cheekbones.

9:59 The Ellen Bjorn--hilarious!

10:05 Baby is still awake, so I can't possibly focus on Tom Cruise.

10:12 Hubby calls it quits and goes to bed. Baby is still awake... and crying (back in his crib). Dammit.

10:14 Wow--Gwyneth's hair is long. Is Baby finally asleep? (fingers crossed.) My (miniscule) bottle of wine is kicked. I'm now drinking water.

10:20 Not a fan of Naomi Watts' yellow and black gown.

10:22 (Hopefully) Baby is asleep. Tomorrow is gonna be a BIG NAP DAY for him (whether he likes it or not.)

10:24 Is it possible to OD on Smartfood (popcorn) and Starburst (jellybeans) and wine? I'm feeling a little queasy.

10:29 Clive Owen is SEXY.

10:33 What happened to George Clooney's gray hair?

10:35 J. Hud wins!

10:39 I'm sitting here shivering because Hubby turns down the heat before HE goes to bed (because I always forget to turn it down).

10:43 Is this really on until 11:30? Ugh.

10:44 Because I was wondering where Jerry Seinfeld was...Good monologue Jerry! (sidenote: I've bought tickets on two separate occasions as presents for other family members to see him in Boston. Yet have I? Nope.)

10:48 You go (chunky) Al Gore! He's definitely wearing makeup.

10:52 Boring tribute (a/k/a pee break).

10:56 I'm envious of Celine Dion's boobs in that dress.

11:06 Penelope Cruz is flawless.

11:07 What the hell is Pan's Labyrinth? I may be showing my ignorance here, but I've never heard of it before tonight.

11:08 Ok, Babel just won an award. So where's the money shot of Brad Pitt?

11:14 Yay! Little Miss Sunshine wins! I just watched it last night (doing my Oscar homework, of course). Great flick. Great speech.

11:30 I'm fading. I have nothing (even remotely) witty to say.

11:35 Will Smith is presenting. Random fact: Eldest can sing the lyrics to the opening song for Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It's on at 6pm on the Noggin channel here. Holy flashback for me. I had a roommate in college who watched the Fresh Prince everyday...and now my 5 year old can sing it?

11:39 Ok, wasn't this supposed to be over at 11:30?

11:40 Kate Winslet, let's get this show on the road! Enough already.

11:44 Wow--where's Jodie Foster been all these years? Ugh....not another tribute (to the dead this time).

11:46 I can't believe I'm still awake (and typing this).

11:54 Helen Mirren wins. Predictable. But wow, even her boobs look good. I think I have boob envy.

12:01 You go Reese! She looks fab. Forest Whitaker wins. Predictable. Why am I staying awake for this again? GREAT heartfelt speech by Mr. Whitaker.

12:07 (fingers crossed for Scorsese)...and the winner is...Scorsese! Standing O. Sweet black bushy caterpillar eyebrows and gray hair, Martin. I wonder what color HIS carpet is?? Hey, it's late and I'm frickin' tired.

12:13 Finally! The last award for Best Picture...The Departed.

Zzzzzzzzzzz. I'm off (to bed).


ed's girl said...

hey-i faded at 930pm but thought of you remembering how you never miss the Oscars! Too funny w/ the commentary

Anonymous said...

Pan's Labrynth is a foreign film that is getting amazing reviews. We downloaded a copy and plan to watch it, but you know how it is finding time to do things witht eh hubby.

Jennifer said...

I didn't get to watch last night, waaaaaaaaaaay too tired. Thanks for the play by play!

Love your Oscar ensemble...Joan and Melissa would have fawned all over you!

tulipmom said...

Best Oscar blog I read today. Thanks for the laughs.


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