Monday, February 12, 2007

Just Call Me Hollywood

I finally did it. Got my hair chopped on Friday night. 6 inches. I went to a new salon and stylist (the same girl who did my Sis's hair for her wedding). Keep in mind, this was NOT a Newbury Street, Boston salon....
So I gallivant off to my 5:30 appointment, feeling all excited because 1. I don't have to feed the boyz dinner; 2. it's Friday night; and 3. Hubby and I are venturing into Boston on Saturday for an overnight. All is well in the world.
Cut (no pun intended) to 2-1/2 hours's now 8:00pm, and I'm JUST LEAVING the salon, after I had already stated matter-of-factly to Hubby that I would probably be home "by 7". Oops.

Well, the good news is: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair! It's short, stylish and cute. The color is awesome, and I feel like a new woman (hear me roar...)

But the bad news is: The new me came with a price. A STEEP price. A price I had no idea could possibly be charged for a cut and color(s), as it has never happened to me before. The damage? $200! (including tip, not that that makes it any better...) Remember, as I said before, I wasn't even in Boston! Granted, she did do two whole color processes on it--a darker dye to return to my natural color to get the "brassiness" (her kind phrasing for the mess that was my hair color) out, and then a partial foil of caramel and butterscotch coloring (doesn't that make you want to LICK my head?), plus the haircut. I guess I never even considered that the cost would be even over $100. Ignorance on my part, I'll grant you.

So I waltz in the door after 8pm. Hubby isn't crazy about the whole new me to begin with, as he's made it clear plenty of times that he prefers long hair. But whatever. So then it comes. The question. "How much did that cost me?" Gulp.

I'll spare the details of my Hubby's ranting and raving. He did, however, wonder why I would have NO IDEA how much it was going to cost. After all, in the barber shop, the prices are posted right on the wall. Wasn't there a list on the wall at the salon?

A little more bad news: 2. I can't take a picture of the new and improved moi because the camera is STILL broken (from Sis's New Years Eve wedding). I sent it to Kodak for repairs, and they came back with a quote of $125 (!) to fix it. thanks. When I can buy a NEW camera for that same price? So, ok Kodak, just send it back to me. What?? You're going to charge me $45 for you to send it back to me. Well, Kodak, you can now just stick that camera.......Anyway, we haven't bought our upgrade yet. Hubby did mention to me that I am now wearing that new camera on the top of my head in the form of my new "Hollywood haircut". So I have no idea when we'll actually purchase (I mean, be able to afford) a new digital camera.

And 3: I have no idea if this new hairstyle is user-friendly, as I have not attempted to style it on my own yet. I realize you're probably doing the math. Yes, I got my hair done on Friday night. Yes, I realize today is now Monday.....but YES, I HAVE showered (a little credit here, folks) in that timeframe. I just haven't gotten my hair wet yet. It looked fabulous on Saturday when we went out in Boston. I made sure I slept oh-so-very delicately on Friday night so as not to ruin it. You know you've done it before too!
And by the way, the femmullet picture is NOT me. I'm offended if you thought it was!

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Jennifer said...

I swear that my husband and I have had the EXACT SAME conversation after having my hair done! He doesn't get how I don't know how much it will cost ahead of time. I guess men don't realize the intricacies (sp??) of hair coloring.

I actually haven't had my hair colored since last summer so as to avoid this conversation.

Enjoy your blog!


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